Alex's Arcade SF4 3v3 Team Tournament 1/09/2010 (714 Area)

January 9th on a Saturday.

626 S. Harbor Blvd.
Santa Ana, California 92704
(714) 775-7764

In the plaza where McDonald’s is.

Sign-up at 12:00pm
Tournament start at 1:00pm

Registration Fee:
$15 per team

Pot Splits:
1st Place gets 70% of pot.
2nd Place gets 20% of pot.
3rd Place gets 10% of pot.

Bracket Setup:
Double Elimination

Winner’s Bracket:
Single games throughout

Loser’s Bracket:
Single games throughout

Grand Finals:
Winner’s Finalist only needs to win 1 set to win.
Loser’s Finalist needs to win 2 set to win.

16 Team Cap (NO EXCEPTIONS!!!)
Pokemon style format for matches.
Team name is required upon registration.
No duplicate characters on the same team.
Team order can be changed as please.
You must stick with the same character throughout the tournament.

I will be there before 12 to prep up the laptop and program. I will start taking registration as soon as it is 12. So be there early or you might not get a spot.

Also one spot is exclusively reserved for our guests from Utah. So technically there are only 15 spots and to be more technical there is 14 cause I’m in the tournament as well. :wgrin:

Like I said, Utah guys I’m gonna hold a spot for you guys but only until 12:45. I know you guys are from out of town so drop me a PM and I’ll give you my number. You can call/text me if you’re stuck in traffic or something.

Team Chinalalalalalalala will send you home, crying.

Put me down for this tourney. Team and team name not set yet.

I’ll be there, if only to take down the chinese.

Great cant wait!!

I probably won’t be able to make it cuz duy sucks at dates.

Looks like my team is set: Kryojenix, UTJ, and (DT1) Art

We are team Jizzmasters!

put me down for this tourney. team DHT.
cant wait.

Oh by the way guys, I’m not taking any preregistration for this Saturday’s tournament. Walk in sign-up only!!!

is there a sign up sheet at the arcade already? or all sign ups must be done on the day of the tournament? i missed that last team tourney because i didnt sign up online.

congrats… Great turney lost of fun

Check out the videos

see you all next turney!!

Good shit, thanks for the videos feomex.
There a results thread yet?

Eff results. lets get another one going!