Alex vs dudley .... hopeless?

is kind of a bad match up for alex …

i feared the most scariest and easiest combo in 3rd strike , dudley’s infamous 60% stun-BnB …

that’s not the main problem , is just that this dudley player is a seasoned player … he had 27 wins … he mix up alot and juggle too …

he does parry and start a combo …

i can’t do anything , i can’t think , i got cornered by dudley eventually …

some other player deceived me with a deep air-round house jump-in , i thought it was an empty jump …

any idea ? i think i need to stop some bad habit … like ?

You dont sound like your being offensive enough.YOu should have dudley in the corner mixing him up.

1.You cant parry a grab.Back fierce,Ddt and powerbombs are your friends.
1.5.Empty jumps are your friend.If they jump in empty powerbomb them.If you jump in empty…powerbomb.Its win win.
2.What super are you using?
3.what super is dudley using?

You can grab Dudley out of his Short Swing Blow with Spiral DDT, and your and outrange his pokes. Other than that, EX Knee Grab and headbutt can also pull him out of a few things.

Addendum: F.hp destroys Dudley’s jump-in game as hard as (if not harder than) Ryu’s Use it as anti-air if Duds tries to throw something out (like I think Dudley’s j.hp can beat you if you don’t hit him early though.

He can’t duck or command dash under it either. If he tries to, and you hit him, link into SAII.

What combo is that? His ex mgb juggle?

I don’t think this is bad matchup for Alex. Just play defensive till you knock him down then switch gears to offense.

Dudley likes to jump in deep so use your -> ex knee to deter that kind of behavior. Mix that up alex’s f.hp and other anti airs to shut down his jumping games. Your back fierce grabs Dudley out of his dash moves. So if you’re playing someone who likes to use those alot that can really help. DDT works well for this too.

Just poke at him with and try to force him to jump and punsih him, then move in with your mix ups.

It’s not that bad against Dudley, both are good stunners, both deal high damage, both have good mix up. As Flooper said, play more on deffensive until you see ur shot. f.HP >>> Dudley air game (do it early)
c.MP > Dudley “footsie”, wake up air stampede > low meaties and swing blow (but it gets hit by f.RH overhead)

Let’s see… Boomerang Raid (and possibly Hyperbomb and Stun-gun, but I’m not sure) will beat out Corkscrew Blow.

If you block or parry a short-swing blow against an SAI or SAIII Dudley, DO NOT TRY TO RETALIATE (unless you plan to retaliate with your own SAII). He’s probably going to follow it up with a super, so either block or input a point-blank parry during your parry animation.

If you block or parry a dart shot, be prepared to option parry a follow-up attack that combos or a super.

I can’t think of anymore things at the moment, but I’ll add whatever I can when I think of it. This is my most familiar match-up because my friend plays Dudley.