Alex Video Thread

Please, I need to see matches with Alex. This thread doesn’t have to be the actual video thread, but cmon. I know there’s ppl out there playing Alex. Enough talk let’s see some fight!

Alex Valle:

Copied from another post I made, but feel free to watch some matches of my Alex vs. a Karin I met in casuals at 3am. Replay IDs to view on CFN are below.

299B8B0(I don’t know if that last letter is a zero or an O, same for any other replays with a zero in them)











Couple matches from earlier this ken was giving me a hard time, ken can be a pretry annoying matchup.

i think i need to practice my slashes…

We just going to make this the video thread? Lol

Here’s a nice one, I felt my self after this one this gief player was giving me a little issues and I adjusted, gave to sit through all my replays since it was a 8 man lobby and it twas full.

Excuse the salt lol

I like that color on the video image. …tell me I don’t need to do hard for it :frowning:

Won’t let me link the image so whatever. I think it’s colour 8 right? So that’s Hard Survival.
Have fun…

Some nice meaty stuff:

Valle’s Alex:

No lol just normal, its color 5, best one out of the 10 imo

LPN Alex

1:40 into the first video

LPN charges a Hard Hit

1:43: whiffs cr.LK and then his next one hits and still gets the hard hit

I thought you lose the Hard Hit even if you whiff

Nah, it is removed on block but not on whiff.
I have wondered if Hard Hit gives more block stun but that would be silly…

Yeah, you only lose it if your move gets blocked or if you get hit. I remember being worried when I read the original description of the V-Skill and it mentioned going away on whiff.

I think it’s actually pretty useful because you get to keep it.

If you guys are looking for more Alex gameplay check out

Platinum Alex main and streams a few hours of Alex ranked every couple of days. Ton of hours of gameplay on his past broadcasts.

It’s not a lot of games against top players or anything, but I feel it’s informative nonetheless.

EDIT: Ricky betrayed us and switched to Balrog. For more Alex on twitch you can check out SpawnOfOdd at He’s Super Plat now, going for ultra.

Et tu, Ledouche

I have some matches

Alex VS Dhalsim (TS-Sabin)


FT5 - Alex VS F.A.N.G (VenomOfTuesday)