Alex Tech Thread: "POWA BOMB!"

Post all tech found in THIS thread!

came up with a neat OS

i’ll have a few more OS’es to show tomorrow once i get to recording them

Some throw/powerbomb oki you might wanna add:

lp slash elbow hits meaty after both forward throw and powerbomb. It will beat any normal and jumps.

It hits the most meaty after normal throw and you can link into super or
After powerbomb you can only link into super.

Since its hitting meaty its also safer on block.

Backdrop does not leave you plus enough for this. However ex backdrop does! Cant seem to link into anything after though, unless it counter hits.

So I was sure about this yesterday but with access to all the frame data, I am certain these work.
Both in the corner.
st.MP xx EX-Slash, whiff cr.MP, Power Bomb. Beats Chun Li’s cr.LP and st.LP on wake up.
st.MP xx EX-Slash, whiff cr.MP, st.MP. Beats Chun Li’s cr.LP and st.LP on wake up. Also beats jumps.

Ex-Slash Elbow leaves us at an advantage of 27 frames (Normal recovery), cr.MP burns through 24 and so st.MP and Power Bomb (Both 6 frames) hit/grab on the third frame of their wake up.
Given that I’ve got all the knockdown advantage data now, I should be able to work out some more stuff.

Saw this on twitter:

Damn fine tec vid.

Anyone farting around with VTC stuff? st.HKxxVT seems to be outrageously plus on block (st.HKxxVT, st.HK appears to be a blockstring, so…). Same goes for st.HPxxVT stuff, or even st.MKxxVT. Rage Shift is really good, I guess is what I’m saying

Doing st.HP or st.HKxxVT, st.HK can CC if delayed a tad. It looks like anything that isn’t strike immune is SOL, so you can mix up for days on block.

I forgot to add post super and v-reversal oki options. If anybody has anything drop a note of it in here and I’ll add it in ;p

Will test, and add as soon as I’ve tested it out. I heard about the Elbow stuff from the “Alex Discord illuminati”, it’s quite good to mix between I think.

any advice on how to time meaty lk elbow after power bomb? I can connect the elbow after fw throw but not after power bomb

Haven’t seen this talked about in the various threads yet so i thought I’d make a note of it.

Chop eats one hit of projectile, ex chop eats two. If you happen to be close enough it’ll still hit the opponent. Functions like a short range Necalli Berserker Barrage.

I’ll add this, it’s been known by me and a couple other but we haven’t had a chance to talk about it in depth for any potential uses it may have outside of combating fireballs in neutral.

Just do it as soon as possible, try double tapping LK to get it on the earliest frame and see if that helps.

LP/EX Chop can go through and hit people around Ryu HP fireball range. is a god button, I just had some really fun matches vs. a Karin and we were both playing some good ol footsies, whiff punishes into VTC are deadly, straight into super or st.hp xx clothesline. Crazy good stuff. is just fantastic at going over low normals, like E.Ryus in USFIV but longer range. I love his neutral so much!

If anybody wants to watch over the games we had, feel free. The IDs are all below, view at your leisure.

299B8B0(I don’t know if that last letter is a zero or an O, same for any other replays with a zero in them)











Alex Block, Throw Tech, Head Crush Option Select

Alex Block, Throw Tech, Power Bomb Option Select

It’s really tech I guess, but if you want to pester you opponent further after back throw and you want them to discourage them, try adding this.

Are there any uses of the diving cross (jump forward d.hp)? Is it feasible to be used to get out of corner?

Probably, it was one of his obscure 3s tricks. leaves you in range to power bomb. Just gotta make sure you don’t cancel it or they’ll still be in hit/blockstun.

I apologize if it’s already common knowledge but didn’t see it mentioned anywhere that cr.lp xx lp.chop trades w 3 frame attacks in which you are rewarded all of the same options from xx mp.chop 4f trades.