Alex Q&A Thread

If you’re looking for an answer to a specific question about Alex that are not related to match ups, combos, videos, etc., this is the place to ask. And if you know a lot about Alex, swing by here from time to time to help answer the questions!

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I started using Alex as a secondary character. I’m having trouble figuring out his v-trigger. Sometimes when I use it to parry, it either finishes with a clothesline or he does nothing afterwards. How do you pick which move you do after doing a parry?

If you tap the buttons he will just parry. If you hold them he will parry and then sledgehammer.

He is the worst character in the game right…?

any setups vs backdash?

Das boot and slash elbow are your go to’s 90% of the time. Unless it’s a CC sweep or EX Knee knock down most of Alex’s post knockdown pressure is fake. You have to make them respect das boot and then you can pull off shenanigans like dash up power bomb and so on.

Whoops, i meant wakeup back tech.

After ex elbow, I’m out of range for grab throw. Double dash gets punished. Same goes for sweep

don’t quote me on this but I’m pretty sure chases down back tech after ex elbow > dash…

I haven’t played Alex in months and can’t be bothered to test it, give it a try though

Guys, what are the possible follow up moves when you anti-air with f.HP? I’m one of those who always anti-airs with jab, but as it’s gonna fade out of anti-airing existence on season 2, I’d like to start training the other options. f.HP is a really good move, actually, and lets you follow up with dash c.HP (then l.chop, ex knee, whatever) when it’s a counter strike. But what about other possibilities? Does anybody have an extensive list? Thanks in advance!

It really depends on the height and distance, and requires a Counterhit. If you don’t get a counterhit I think it’s just an air reset.

If you get a crush counter using it as an anti air, and they’re not too far when it connects, what I like to do is dash and juggle with a jab for a reset into a meaty normal or a power bomb. In the corner if they neutral jump and you CC with F.HP you can do the same thing but juggle with st.HP for more damage before the reset

On a crush counter f.HP anti-air I like to give them the Boot (st. HK). It just feels good to kick them xD

does anyone know if it’s possible to elbow into super after the CC?

It works but you gotta be aware of their height when the elbow connects, if they’re too high the first hit of the super will whiff and the whiff/block animation plays out. The two hits of the whiff/block animation will connect though it’s just less damage than the full animation

Full animation is 440 dmg
Whiff/block animation is 352.