ALEX Matchup Thread

Still early so we can’t say much till his gameplan kinda fleshes out…

I’ll compile a punishment list of some sort if no one else has done so by early next week.

so…what are you supposed to do against him?

he has a good anti air, command grabs, longer ranged pokes, moves and parry
to negate your fireballs and other special moves and he has the ability to guard crush.
the only thing which they forgot is a airgrab.

the moment he has his vtrigger on you cant throw fireballs anymore because he can punish
you pretty easy and hard so you have to go in with normals when you have no life lead and being close
to him is exactly what he wants. his midrange pokes seem at the first glance better then
the ones from nash.

i know its early and like everyone else i still need to learn the matchup but at the first glance
for me it looks like its in his favor.

Beware the phantom hitbox, BEWAAARE!

Wait, what?

I play both characters and…

I’m going to post that over on the Alex forums for some lulz. :slight_smile:

Also, this should be helpful


My roommate has picked up Alex and gotten pretty good with him. Here’s what I know about the matchup so far.

If Alex is crouching on the other end of the screen with meter he still has to guess when exactly you’re going to throw a fierce boom to punish you for it. Just be ready to react to whatever option he uses. If he does ex shoulder, you can punish that easily with xx hk sonic scythe. If he does either ex headbutt, or ex stomp, you can just neutral jump and get a full combo.

At mid range you can stop alex from approaching by mixing up between jab boom and heavy boom. do the jab boom if you think he’s going to do or lk shoulder. If he tries to poke you out of jab boom with say,, then go to using heavy boom. Always be watching to see if he is storing charge for an ex shoulder and be ready to bait that. After doing this well, he’ll start to jump. Just be thinking about his air tackle thing he does in the air. If you block that you get a full combo. He’ll do it to bait you into trying to anti-air with something like You can avoid this mixup altogether with ex scythe.

You can jab punish his chops and his if you’re close enough. You can also jab punish his normal stomps, ex stomp is plus so treat this like a normal jump in if you end up blocking it.

When v-trigger is ready, you have to be careful about sticking out any normal moves. If he decides to wind up his v-trigger at mid-range then jumping back is your best option, you’ll likely land on top of him and hit him with For alex to hit you out of the air he has to let the v-trigger go right away, if you block the v-trigger you can get s.lp xx target combo for free.

You can punish close-range v-trigger, or wakeup v-trigger by just throwing him. In general, throw is the best option against Alex when he is trying to get up because you don’t have to worry about any of his wakeup options (except for maybe ex power bomb, haven’t tested to see if this is throw invulnerable)

If you get power bombed, he can do a meaty shoulder that WILL stuff you if you try to wake-up v-trigger, so be careful about doing that in this situation! I still need to play around with defensive options after getting powerbombed.

I feel like Alex does better than most grapplers against charlie, but I still feel like the matchup is in Charlies favor. Alex has to work hard against a solid charlie player.

I think Nash wins this matchup. If you know what to look out for (ex elbow, stomp, headbutt), it’s pretty easy for Nash to lame him out.

I think Alex is one of Nash worst match ups in SFV

why? i mean i wrote some month ago why i think its a bad matchup but it would be nice to see
whats the reason for you to think so.

This is definitely one of the most frustrating matches I’ve dealt with from all levels of Alex players.

How do you punish AA jab spamming? Is there ANY jumping normal that beats it?

No mate, nothing beats those really late AA jabs. Just play more ground game