Alex General Discussion: "At ease, loo-suh!" The Alex SFV Thread

Ok guys, we know alex is coming, he was always considered mid to low tier in the sf3 series, what would you like to see from him in V?

I will update this thread when my future main is revealed in his full glory!


First concept art of alex released!


Alex FINALLY revealed!

He better be a stun monster like in 3S.

Must say oooooohhhhwaaaaa after all command grabs. Must have s.HK BOOT. Spiral DDT should be useful or just remove it.

Head stomp lag tactics better be back.

No more rollback tech doe… :bluu:

I was watching vids of kuroda playing alex and he seemed to barely go for command grabs, were they considered weak in 3s? He would use his forward fierce grab a ton maybe that could be his v skill?

Kuroda doesn’t play orthodox with most of his characters. Watch his necro play, he doesn’t utilize much of anything necro is good at.

I’m very interested to see how Alex turns out. Except for the Flash Chop, his moves already overlap with the rest of the cast.

HCB command grab - Half the cast has one.

Air Stampede (Stomp) - Bison.

Slash Elbow - Necalli’s Disc Guidance.

Spiral DDT - Birdie’s Bull Revenger.

Air Knee Smash should be somewhat more useful.

I’d also like to see what happens to the B+HP blockable command grab and the turn around state after MP/HP Flash Chop.

Alex is more about trying to get your opponent into the corner and tends to go more for poke into EX flash. Which is why SA2 was picked because it game him more EX.

thread title sucks

Any suggestions?

It’s what he says in 3s, not sure how it sucks.

I’m a pretty big Alex fan, so I’d like to see a lot of effort put into making him just as cool as the original. Obviously you can’t replicate the exact style of Third Strike, I’m just asking they make him look good on a 3D plane in his own way. As for gameplay, I’d like to see a lot of familiar normals, but maybe give him a few new ones that still feel like they belong to Alex. As for a Critical Art, I’d be fine with any of his old Super Arts, but I was thinking a lower damage Stun Gun Headbutt could be his V-Reversal. As for V-Trigger, he should have higher speed grabs, and be able to manipulate them, for example, his main command grab can throw you behind him without having his opponent turned around like in 3S, or his anti air can bring you down while you’re directly above him. For V-Skill, he should have a new move where he runs right past projectiles, similar to Dudley’s ducking move, sort of like a more efficient Green Hand. Other than that, I’m excited to see how he turns out, I think SFV already looks great so I’m really glad he made the cut.

I’d like to see capcom make his face first dive kick useful lol

Obligatory inclusion: nosebleed after hyper bombing a girl.


Jokes aside, here are some suggestions:

[]Spiral DDT was way too slow, its startup should be lowered to about 14F. MK and HK Spiral DDT should cover enough ground to be performed outside cr MK range and cross over crouching opponents. LK Spiral DDT could be reduced to a crouching range and become a crouching characters only grab.
]If stomp is still charge, should be either overhead or safe on block on all variants.
[]Fuck any kind of 0+X CA grabs. To avoid overlapping with Gief, his Hyper bomb should have lower range but 1+0 frame data.
]Like other AA specials that only work on airborne opponents, Knee Air Smash should not be a strictly worse DP. Making it invincible on all but his first 3 ascending frames to ensure 100 % consistency against jumping characters.

Love the way you think! !!

move over Ken, there is a new flowchart champion

You Can’t Escape!


Michael Jackson voice needs to return.

Maybe they can have one VA with the MJ voice and the other VA using the 3S voice

CA will be Boomerang Raid. Hyper Bomb will be his EX throw and Stun Gun will be 1 of 3 things:
-EX Spiral DDT
-New move/V-Skill

V-Skill and V-Trigger should revolve around stun output. Alex should be able to stun you really fast once he gets going, and gets a lot of his damage there.

Watch the initial animation of Alex’s V-Trigger be where he rips off his shirt or something lol.

Also having Crouching MK be cancel able would be nice :\