Alberta Beat Down 3 Aug/10-12/2012 Edmonton, AB SF4 $500.00 Bonus Umvc3 $200.00 Bonus

LOCATION**: Grant Mac Ewans: (10700 - 104 Avenue) Room 7-284 and Room 7-286**

OFFICIAL TOURNAMENTS**: Street Fighter IV AE 2012, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, Super Smash Bros Brawl, Street Fighter x Tekken, Blazblue CS EX, King of Fighters 13**

SIDE TOURNAMENTS**: Super Smash Bros Melee, Super Street Fighter II HDR, Street Fighter III 3rd Strike, Soul Caliber V, Persona 4**

Noel Brown Confirmed Guest
Quandizzle Confirmed Guest

Pre-Register here


1st-2nd-3rd = 60/30/10 of collected pot


Stream Schedule




12:00 pm Sign up starts
1:00 pm**: Super Smash Bros Melee**

1:00 pm**: Super Street Fighter II HDR**

3:00 pm**: Street Fighter III 3rd Strike**

3:00 pm**: Soul Caliber V**

5:00 pm**: Persona 4 (pending)**


12:00 pm Sign up starts

1:00 pm Tournaments start for King of Fighters 13, Super Street Fighter IV, Super Smash bros brawl

2:00 pm Tournament starts for Mystery Game Tournament

3:00 pm Tournaments start for Ultimate Marvel vs 3, Skull Girls, Blaze Blue, Street Fighter x Tekken


1:00 pm Top 8 starts for Super Street Fighter IV AE

3:00 pm Top 8 Starts for Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Starts


All games outside of smash bros games will be played on Xbox 360

$10.00 entry for all games

All games are double elimination tournament

2 out of 3 games per match (UMVC3 Will be 3 out of 5)

3 out of 5 games grand finals

Venue FEE: $15.00









Canadain Joysticks

Over Klocked Gaming

Hosted by EdmontonGamers.Com

When is the Team Canada qualifier?

The spot for team canada will be encompassed with the AE tournament, the highest placing Canadian will receive the qualifier spot to compete in at Canada Cup, If there is a tie, the two or more players who have done so will play each other in a round robin

This needs to be stickied :stuck_out_tongue:

ABD3 get hype guys, more details to come.

Get hype!!! Can’t wait! :smiley:
Gonna be some real solid matches
… oh… and Im gonna win it!!!

You should really go over your dates. Seems like you’ve just been copying and pasting old titles or something. Title says its in april, another says its on the actual dates and then there is another one that has june in the front of the dates.


Thread Updated!

please review the tournament posting rules, Good luck with this

Thanks for the Sticky, Do you mind if I ask what I had gotton wrong? Just wanna know for future reference

What happens if the top placing Edmontonian isn’t going to Canada Cup?

Well it is for the top Canadian, not Edmontonian. However, in the event that said top placing Canadian decides they do not wish to go to Canada Cup, the spot will be given to the 2nd top and so on =)

it says on friday at 1pm smash bros “melee” will be played? is this for fun ? or tournament?

Tournament, there will be loads of casuals but the game will be played in tournament on this date

oh reallly so if enough meleee players come they ll do be melee tournament ?

Yes there will be a a melee tournament. Regardless of the turn out for the game

you don’t have SoulCaliburV on your Pre Reg sheet,

You are correct, it is not one of the main games. Only the main games are on the pre-reg, otherwise the page would never end

I get that, just thought the point of it was to see numbers, so it might be good to see them for all games. I’ll be there either way.

While I do agree that the entire point of the pre reg was to see the potential numbers, this was however only ment to see the numbers for the main games