& Hail And Kill: Ipod Requests and myself will be taking those cool sporty iPod avatar requests! These were originated by OrangeCat. Props to him and we’re only trying to help him out by filling out requests. :tup: will take the marvel requests, I’ll take the Capcom VS SNK 2 avatar requests… As for 3s, both of us will take it.

Hail And Kill’s Rules:

  • Please dont make the animation tediously long.
  • If I don’t have the sprite, please provide it(i most likely will)
  • PLEASE make your avatar request specific:
    What color background?
    What color Ipod?
    -** My computer is broken** atm, so please cut me some slack, will obviously take more requests than i will due to my lack or internet access and computer access.
  • That’s all!’s Rules

  • No animations. My animation program is not functioning properly.
  • Be specific: I____, What color background, etc.
  • Please provide the sprite if I don’t have it.
  • That’s all, request on!

Pick Ups:

Free for anyone to use.





Old thread -
Xenozip. made some pretty nice av’s there, so check them out!

nice avs, very original

In the thread where was giving away his iRobot avatar; they asked OC if they could help him with the requests people were giving him. He told him he’d enjoy the help; so I assume this is how they were planning on helping. They should have at least given OC a shout-out; and said it was his idea.

Hahahaha, that’s so cool.

I know that…I meant you should have at the first of this thread.

Oh. =X

Hi guys.
I was wondering if you can make me a Doom ipod av in his rocks stance, and having it say IRock.

Color and stuff, i leave up to you guys to get creative :wink:

Request. Complicated version -

Kyo shadow. White iPod. Any three characters to the right (shadow, small, whatever). Last character preferably Chang. Kyo does fierce rekka chain. 1st hits first characters and knocks them away, second hits second character, etc. As he hits them away it says “iOcv”. Dunno if you can fit all that into non premium av or not.

Simple version

Kyo shadow. white iPod. whatever background. iOcv. Nuff said.

dont know who will do this, but here goes:

shadow of ken in hit stun (on the right), yun shadow on the left, activates Genei jin, after he crosses his arms ken does shoryuken. animation ends there with yun in hit stun and ken starting a shoryuken and freezes for about 5 seconds before starting again. text says “iSuck”.

edit: white ipod on yun.

can i get a magneto and with “iOCV” thanx whateva animation is good cept for a shockwave

Hey spooty whiteboy,

Sorry man, i forgot that. Yeah man, for sure, its all Orange Cats idea and i will give him credit. its all good! :tup:

ok, ill get on the requests later, i got some homework to do. sorry =/

You guys are giving me really tedious animations haha!

LG - I cant do it, honestly. thats pretty hard because i dont have kyo doing rekkas, people getting hit, chang. Is there anything else you want? Just kyo? animated? Charging the Flame super? eh? specify a bit.

no9176 - can you make it a little simpler? i dont have the geneijin activation thing, or kens SRK for 3s… Its too complicated, block stun animation…you know all that crazy shit =/… anything simpler?

Dragongod - since LG already got dibs on the “iOcv” you may want to check with him if its ok to use iocv also.

ah dont worry about it, I’ll just make it myself. Shouldn’t be too hard since i have most of the 3s sprites

Hmm. Do you have kyo’s winning animation? Not the one where he raises his hand, the one where he sparks off a flame or something. Still from CvS2.

Doesn’t have to have the flame, just his animation for doing it. From tehre, white iPod, whichever background. And iOcv.

I want exclusive rights to iOcv, but if the guy really wants it he can have it too. Haha

ok, hmm. ill have to do it tomorrow, because i have a shit load of homework. Ill play cvs2 to know what you’re talking about,the win pose. ill get on it!

I’ll also start tomorrow. I’m pretty tired at the moment, sorry for the delay.

I guess I’ll take care of BshidoHEAT’s request since I don’t have any CvS2 sprites. =/ Can you guys discuss to one another about the iOcv situation? Who wants it, and who doesn’t mind having two iOcv av’s around here.

Dragongod4 - can you be a little bit more specific?

Oh, and can you guys not make these av’s 2 hours long, with block stun --> Genei-Jin --> Shoryuken --> drive by --> blah blah blah? =]

these are fucking pimp props to orange cat i dunno if he remembers or any of the ogs remember me i kept a pretty low profile other than that doc sproc hsit anywho man i withdrew my request from nas cause he was so busy if the respect has changed then let me know but i believe that opens me up to request one of these bad ass mofos. that bein said let me get one with guile or cable other than that i dont give a shit as long as it has one of them i assume it will be a guile one unless someone has created some more cable sprites back when i was tagging regularly there was like 2 any way clors all that shit up to you just make it pimp and funny. peace out

like what??? i don’t care what sprite you use as long as its not a shockwave animation

I’m so sorry guys, Legendary Gouki, i couldn’t start on yours, swamped on homework, no internet connection, and I’m dead tired. - Sorry im getting so lazy, part of it is my lack of internet connection though. I’ll try to hop on these requests, im really tired sorry.