Akuma's odd input

Just a bit of a history question… why is the input for Akuma’s ultra so odd compared to the rest of the cast? It’s a series of button presses rather than quarter circles, charging, etc. I was wondering where the origin for that input comes from.

that’s a damn good question, but I don’t have an answer.

The Raging Demon was an undocumented super secret move back in Super Turbo. The obtuse input was to make it harder to discover.

Thanks for the answer! I had figured it would be something like this.

Might be wrong but I don’t think he actually has SGS in arcade ST, but only in console versions?

I’m pretty sure it has the input it has to limit its use as a grab, similar to 720’s

The first time you could use it was in Alpha 1, and the command was dumb easy. IIRC, the home console versions of the game didn’t have the super though. It wasn’t in ST until the console versions.

It was :lp: :lp: :f: :lk:
No :hp: was needed, so you could basically throw one jab out and get the SGS. No risks involved, since if you miss-timed it, you’d get 3 light attacks.

The whole “blackout” aspect came later and wasn’t originally intended.
I believe reading that the original white flash when Akuma “beats up” Bison was supposed to be him coming on the screen, and his speed caused your character a white flash, and Akuma just beats him up. It wasn’t intended, as far as I know, as the SGS.

The use of it as a grab is what makes a TKD in 3S so lethal.

I am 100% sure that in Alpha 1 you have to add the :hp:. I was just playing Alpha 1 for shits and giggles the other day, and I had to do:
:lp: :lp: :f: :lk: :hp:

As for the unusual input, I think it also has something to do with the Super itself doing so much damage compared to other Supers at the time, so they had to make it harder to input. I also think this is why they gave it input leniency in SF4, because now rather than having a lot of different Supers/Ultra like he did in previous games, now he only has the demon and it had to be easier to execute.

thank for bringing this up because ive been meaning to get the definition of the technique i use for LPx2, i dont think it’s called piano-ing because unlike rekkas im pressing the same strength button…but what i do is lift my middle and index finger and tap lp with my middle followed by my index. i find it faster to do instead of tapping lp twice with just my index finger…anyway WTF IS THE NAME OF IT, I CANT REMEMBER, was it double tap or something… soughdofgghhfuck



BUT, in the console version:


So we were both right.
Console = HP
Arcade = No HP

In 3S, I do it…
Ring on MP (kara demon)
index/middle on LP
thumb on LK
pinky on HP
Same way I do it in every game, minus the HP

so it is double tap, as i recall thats the only way to do kara demon fast enough…man i forgot how deceptive kara demon is.

I just hope it stays dangerous in the OE…

I remember in the arcade, SGGK doesn’t beat Kara Demons, but the PS2 version, it does. Why? Because his f+mp was immune to throws in the arcade, but not on PS2.

and as far as “double” tap goes, that’s what I’ve ALWAYS heard it as. People accuse me of turbos all the fucking day when thy play my Blanka in ST because I’m a “double-tap” pro. I can mash out of Yoga noogie 90% of the time on the first hit, I’ve mashed out of Blanka’s bite before it actually hits, and I can walk up and combo jab xx electrics to you. That technique is godlike.

i thought it came from Morgan’s darkness illusion

The input itself? Yeah, probably, as that game came out a year before Alpha 1.

is it that same input command in mvc3 and sf3 ?

if not someone care to explain to me ?

It’s the same in every game except Pocket Fighter, IIRC…

Eh, I’m pretty sure you can’t be thrown out of demon.

I don’t know if you can or can’t be thrown out of the demon. You CAN be thrown out of the f+mp as part of the tkd, so if they decide to do a SGGK, you get thrown out of the f+mp.
In the arcade, the throw whiffs.

Yes I know that. But really SGGK only beats demon if the demon never comes out. The f+mp doesn’t even make a difference.

Then I suppose I should have worded that differently? All in all, I’ve gotten TKD setups on people where I will see the throw come out and they get smacked in CTF.
I then recall being at NEC2k7 and getting thrown out of it every fucking time. Darren told me that it doesn’t work then. I’m not disagreeing with you. I’m just telling you my experience with it. I know that once in the demon state, you can’t get thrown out of it. But in the setup, if they SGGK really early or mash that throw out, you get thrown… unless you want to play theory fighter and assume the person doing TKD has perfect/really good timing.

In SF3 it’s the same.

In MvC3 it’s essentially the same, just :l::l::f::m::h: