Akuma's most damanging combo including raging demon

raging demon by itself does about 70 dmg, and comboed with standing roundhouse it does 80, i was wondering if it’s possible to do jumpin rh, s.rh, raging demon, if this is possible how much dmg is it?

it’s been done however, the one I do has yet to be accomplished by any one other than the fact it’s been done by someone here in san diego county a few years back and was consistent with it as well.

the most damaging is taunt then :d: :d: :d: :3p:

i’d say most damaging is taunt, then jump in reset KKZ combo

or maybe taunt, jump in fierce, RH, demon

which is the one you do Chosen1??

I think taunt does not affect demon’s damage

It doesn’t, but it will affect the damage of the rh and any jumping attack you do.

well in any case, does anyone know how much dmg the above combo do since chozen claimed it’s possible. Btw, I’m the original poster, I was using akaata’s account. In any case, i’m not saying the combo is hard or impossible, I just didn’t bother testing it and was wondeirng hypothetically how much dmg it does.

I think it’s possible. It may be in KYSG #5. Failing that, air fireball, HK xx SGS is definitely possible.

Has anyone tested whether taunting affects the damage off of Kara SGS or HK xx SGS? The taunt may not affect damage on naked SGS, due to the whiffed normals before it comes out. This might not be the case for combos or Kara (before hit frames) into it.

taunt and do the KKZ against a crouching akuma thats not blocking >.> talk about dmg

A throw is a throw. Kara canceling into them won’t change their damage.


Against a standing Ryu on the PS2 version:

Demon = 71 pts of damage
Kara Demon = 71

Taunt, Demon = 71
Taunt, Kara Demon = 71

HK xx Demon = 83
Taunt, HK xx Demon = 92

J. HK > HK xx Demon = 88
J. FP > HK xx Demon = 90

Taunt, J. HK > HK xx Demon = 103
Taunt, J. FP > HK xx Demon = 105

J. FP does 2 more points of damage than J. HK. And as seen above, their final damage outputs vary by two points in both cases. So that means the damage of the Demon isn’t affected by taunts, just by the damage scaling by multiple hits.

For some odd reason, J. FP > HK xx Demon is harder to connect for me lol.

The hitbox isn’t the same as j.rh.

@XEN MASTER MARK: whiffed normals won’t affect the damage after a taunt. I think the only thing that gets rid of the taunt bonus is being hit, or hitting your opponent. And, as sunsatsu pointed out, the taunt has no affect on throws, raging demon being a throw.

Whiffing attacks DOES remove the taunt bonus.

Whiffing a certain number affects when its removed. I’ve whiffed a few normal pokes before hitting and the bonus was still there. Other times I may have whiffed one too many since the next connecting attack did normal damage.

Shit :lol: For the sake of accuracy I double checked and Harmonaz and Perai are indeed correct. My bad.

The lesson for today is to check you shit before you speak!

I swear I whiffed 80 times in practice and the bonus was still there. I’ll try to find out the exact number some time this week.

80 times? Then there must be another aspect to it which we haven’t spotted yet.

Yes, 80. Fucking eighty. I HAD to stop, it was getting ridiculous. I think I’ll try it in VS mode or Arcade or something. I was building meter thinking "there’s no goddamn way 'Naz’s opponent just sat there while he hit that button 80 times.

The taunt, jump-in fierce, s.mk, lp tatsu, jab -> KKZ reset will stun Akuma aswell as doing nasty damage.

About the taunt bonus from what I’ve heard it will not dissappear from your whiffed attacks or from you blocking. But you getting hit or you hitting the opponent the attack getting blocked will remove it. Should be easy to check it out tho.

what about a whiffed fireball?