Akuma's Godlyness

I am sorta new to this forum, because I am usually on Neo-geo.com forums. Anyway the point of this thread is to explain and to question why you people dislike Akuma, or why you like him.
He is personally my favorite character to use in this game, besides Strider and Doom.
My MVC2 team consist of Strider, AKuma, and Doom. Akuma is my front man, from the start until he is finished off. I use Doom to protect almost all his moves.
I have created lots of combos using Akuma by himself and Doom to assist him with them.
For example I will display a few of his combos some of them you guys may know buy some of them you may not.
Rush Combos: Pressing left or right trigger to summon doom as soon as the Fight Icon starts… Rushing in to do a sweep combo. D,lk,lk,hk.
If you start this move off at the begining of the round, and you connect your sweep you automatically bring doom when you start to sweep your enemy, so that his “Anti Air” Asist will hit the downed enemy, and cause the enemy to fly into the air slightly almost at Akuma’s face. Pressing Jab Jab hurricane kick then air fireball Super, will bring you to atleast a 30 hit ground combo. This has worked on a few good players, though you have to make sure that you do this off the bat.

My favorite combo air destruction: Using Akuma press dash(forward, forward) Jab, Jab, lk,launch, follow into the air, jab jab, lk, hurricane kick after the second hit throw a “Tenma” and burn your enemy. If you do this right you should take there energy down to the last inches.

I recommind not using Raging Demon setups because 1: it is a waste of energy. 2: against a great player Akuma will be destroyed trying to execute it. 3: Just not worth it.
My theories about Akuma being my favorite goes down to the point where i have to put him down a tab because, he is sorta weak against long ranged “cheapers” like Cable, or Iron man. If you have to fight a Assistor that uses IronMan’s “Promoto blasters” It is sorta hard to get Akuma inside.
Comming in from the air with Akuma is sorta risky because his defense is worth a peice of shit metal in a scrap yard. It is crap. You will have to go in from the air gunning, Meaning using different moves to harm your enemy.
I have made a few combos that are made for air attack with Akuma.
1: Comming in over your enemy’s head that means comming almost with AKuma’s balls in the guys face, you press Jab, jab, lk, as you hit the ground jab, launch, and combo it into the “air destruction combo”.

I am creating an Akuma website all about him and all about combos for him. It is alot easier to show you than to actually remeber the buttons that I press to execute the moves.
I hope that anyone who reads this understand what I am explaining, and I do admit that my Akuma combos need a little work, because like I explained it is harder to explain to you than to show you. Therefore I am going to record my combos to my computer and post them on the website that I will hopefully have up by June.
Thanks guys!!!