Akuma vs Urien

Recently I played a really good Urien. It seems like he always ends up getting my into his juggle combos:sad: . Somehow i get hit with cr HP and he starts his shit . . . are air hurricanes bad against Urien?? I heard they were effective against him. What’r the do’s and dont’s against this guy?:confused:

No jumping, kara throws, and whirlwind kicks for pressure.

Zone with straight jump air fireballs. The point is to make them try and jump over so that you can super them. Either they eat it or parry in the air in which case you jump towards them with an air hurricane.

When jumping forward, only go into hurricane if you see them jump too. If they start parrying, try and cancel into air super. Otherwise, try and leave the jump empty and be ready to parry the two hits of the launcher. If they dont do the launcher and let you land, go into a hurricane rather than a throw. Try mk hurricane which you can link into other things as well.

If you get thrown into the corner and anticipate an aegis trap, DONT quick recover. Its easier to teleport out when waking up from a neutral knockdown. Otherwise avoid the corner generally. Try teleporting away if you get too close or push them back with air fireballs.

Spam medium hurricanes on the ground to start with, then switch to RH ones as mixups. If you think they’ll try to parry, mk hurricane - and try to grab them after they parry the third and last hit, because they’ll be expecting another parry.

Try and link your ground pokes into hurricanes as that should mess up their parry attempts. Sometimes go into demon flips instead and grab them.

That should get you started :tup:

sounds good. thanks guys

see thats the thing…when i get thrown in the corner, im used to just doing a regular wakeup teleport. but for some reason, when i get thrown in the corner against urien and he does his aegis reflector right when i hit the ground, the “slight pause” when he’s activating his super just throws me off…is there a timing trick to doing a wakeup when he does this?:confused:

There isn’t really a trick. A lot of people us the super freeze animation as a way to interrupt anything you might have been trying. The only ‘trick’ that you can work on is splitting your command up - which bit to do before the freeze and which bit after.

Mix up between quick rolls and normal wakeup to see when the Urien player likes to throw out the Aegis. Usually they tend to do it as soon as they throw you - in which case its best to not quick roll - let the aegis come out and you’ll still have time to teleport away.

hurricane kicks all day :tup:

I tried spamming hurricanes against the CPU Urien. He would stuff my second hurricane with a standing strong most times :wtf:

i was in practice mode and i did a wakeup tele and it got stuffed by the aegis . . . that shit scared me.


^are u sure? hmm…maybe i was just seeing things then =/

either a glitch or something. but ask any urien - a reversal timed teleport ALWAYS gets away from an aegis.

You may have teleported back into the aegis and got hit. Or maybe a dragon came out which you didnt see - you just saw reversal and thought it was the teleport that came out.

oooh you know what, you’re right yo…i teleported BACK into one…cuz i remember i was experimenting with the tele and aegis…