Akuma vs Oro how to win?

What are some of the strats involved in this match up and what are some things that you don’t want to do alot of?:slight_smile: :wtf:

s.roundhouse makes akuma cry like a little girl…and so does SA3. Beware of a parry into chicken combo, but there’s just about nothing you can do about that. Play the strongest mixup you can muster so you’ll get parried LESS. :wink: Remember that oro’s sweep has pretty pitiful range, too. c.forward should be decent enough as a poke. I don’t know if oro can hit you after your blocked sweep (just barely hitting with the toe) or not. Somebody that knows can post that for sure. If he doesn’t have a great attack that’ll nab you after a sweep, that might be a way to take advantage of his poor sweeping range (just don’t abuse it). I don’t know for sure, 'cause I don’t have a lot of experience in this matchup, but from the limited experience I have against oro and with playing oro a tiny bit, you’re pretty safe. I don’t really know any oro players.

(after typing this portion of the post, i checked out the vids i have of oro vs. akuma, and both those pokes seem pretty safe against oro. At least, I didn’t see the akuma players eating anything after a blocked sweep)

hell…most of the characters in this game have something that makes akuma’s poor little life bar shrink like man-junk in cold water. Basically with akuma you try like hell to avoid those nasties. He makes up for it with the extra opportunities his mixup creates, but you’ve gotta’ know when to play safe. Nothing makes me cringe more than seeing makoto pull off a 100% combo on akuma.

As an Oro player I can comfirm that oro can’t do anything after a shoto sweep at max range. Well, EX uppercut would hit, but Oro’s players usually don’t have that charged. That being said, Oro still doesn’t have to worry about shoto sweeps, because his 2 main pokes, standing forward, and standing roundhouse will stuff the sweep during it’s startup time. Also if you are playing a scrub oro he may EX SA1 you after a shoto sweep, but he has to be on his toes and do it fast, but who plays SA1 anyway.

Another random tidbit, from an Oro player’s perspective…be VERY wary of using air fireballs in this matchup.

The little guy can dash under them if he’s within a decent distance of you, and potentially punish you with chicken combo.

Generally you want to stay close and rush him down. His s.roundhouse isn’t very good at that range due it its slowness, and his other great poke (far forward) obviously doesn’t work in this situation. Demon flip mixups work well, as blocking and parrying are just about the only things he can do about divekick…this naturally leaves him open to the throw. However if he DOES parry divekick, that likely means chicken combo, so be careful.