Akuma Vs Fei Long


I’ve got a match against someone who is playing as Fei Long. I generally use Ryu/Ken or mostly Akuma (who i’m a dab hand at).

Could someone give me some tips as to what to concentrate on or not and maybe some simple three/four hit combos (i’ve seen some combo vids but they all look a bit too sophisticated) - i doubt i’ll be doing any kara-throws or cancelling (on purpose anyway!)

I would say concentrate on the V-Ism combos, if that’s what mode ur using. They’re not as hard as they look, trust me. Try learning Ryu’s first since his are the simplest to learn. If the Fei-Long is abusing Rekkas, then just block & punish him with a combo or VC

If you’re not looking to do high damage combos, I’d stick with the A-ISM to make better use of the super meter. I mostly play Ryu against Fei-Long. The key is to play defensively. Avoid too many foot games against Fei-Long, his Rekka moves can close distances very quickly. Try to punish Fei-Long’s foot games with Ryu’s Hurricane Kick super, you can snag his medium and hard pokes from a fairly deceptive range. Punish him on wake-up with more Hurricane Kicks(nail with the super, or use the regulars to get away). Don’t try too many jump-ins if he’s flame kicking everything, block on the way in and try to set him up on recovery. Avoid trying to play wake-up games against him, pressure him into blocking, his Flame Kick is too good on wake-up. Try to anticipate his jump ins and meet him in the air, avoid fireball him at close range…

Low strong/jab can beat low fierce from the right range. Can stop him from spamming.