Akuma usage- jumping fb lag?

I have played a bunch of games so far using akuma and i have been getting annoyed as fuck with the hit or miss lag of the jumping FB.
Every other time i jump in j.FB-> Sweep I get lag and am unable to do the sweep.
anybody else get this?
Another thing that has been getting on my nerves is the fact that every time i jumping Hur.kick and land on the other side of him, i am unable to Dp combo , 9/10 times a HCB fb keeps coming out. anybody else get these problems? it seems to happen in single player too.

  1. In ST there is a dramatic slowdown on fireballs added on purpose. You must learn this because it is a huge part of the game.

  2. You are getting Negative edge on the fireball. Keep holding the button down for the fireball. Specials come out both when you press and release the button.

hes not getting negative edge on the fb. hes having problems with the fact that akuma is crossing under. all you gotta do is be able to judge the situations better and do the dp in reverse some times. or just do another short hk. worst case scenario, you just get a short, best case, hk comes out.

slowdown is intentional, since world warrior

The timing for both the air fb’s release and the sweep after to have them combo together is surprisingly tight, and the (deliberate) slowdown effect only exaggerates this. The spacing/positioning for the jump almost seems to matter too. Training mode it and you’ll see. No secrets here, just difficult.

To clarify about this dp thing: you’re hitting your opponent into the air with a cross-up hurricane, and then trying to add on a juggled dp?

Ah I missread the second problem. Sorry

Exactly it comes out but for some reason when i cross over 9/10 times i perform a fireball instead (charged not regular)

Maybe you need to do the Anti Crossup Dragon Punch motion. When someone jumps in for a cross-up you can Dragon Punch the other way by doing f,d,df,db +p (works for other moves too, I baffled a friend of mine the other day by doing it with Dictators Super)