akuma ultras

i thought we might have a little fun challenge/brainstorm

we all know his new ultra2 is the worst idea in the history of sf design.
what if he couldnt have his fireball or the kkz?

could we come up with an idea for an original akuma ultra that wasnt as pants as the taz?

here is two ultra ideas (one was done yonks ago other one is new)

lets see what we can all come up with and put those capcom guys to shame(or not)

Both of those are already better then his second. I’d even take that exact stick figure gif over the tazmanian devil one.

I’ll see if I can draw something up over the next few days to add to your thread.

that would be nice.
tbh i was hoping for this thread to be an idea thread since so many people have been critical of the ultra2
i was expecting a few posts.
go figure.

you mentioning gifs gave me motivation for another idea.

this one is supposed to have different properties depending on the situation.
up close it hits like an ex siesmo

from far it acts as a power up to shin akuma,
half defence,double damage and some changes to moves eg air fireball=double air fireball
with a timebar like juri cc ultra.

well not sure if this is of interest to anybody since the lack of replies nut i have done another animation of another ultra idea for akuma:

full size and full speed

slower and smaller

double post

That last gif is pretty good.

I did this quick today. I may try and do a real deal sequential version instead of these stick figures. I’m in a bit of a drawing slump and Mass Effect 2 isn’t helping things much either.

Basically a standard Super Art 1 from 3RD Strike that lasts longer and if it hits stuns the opponent or if blocked a long blockstun like Dhalsim allowing Akuma time to land, teleport behind and then do the strong roundhouse that he currently does for his new Ultra. Knocking the player from behind in the skull and further into the fireball.

It would be technically a Super then Ultra… with the player manually teleporting behind after landing then buffering the UP UP K command into the teleport. If they changed Akumas Super to the GouHadou it could work.

If you don’t have Ultra you could substitute that for a free combo.

these sprites look wicked, i love how you made gif’s with hand drawn sketches!

maybe a start up like shin shoryuken with a gut strike.

then grabs the head, and then charges an orb of energy like Yoga Inferno, an this will be contained in a fist and will blow their shit up. i pretty much took it off your gif in the OP.

i like the idea j-lee , if it was all done in a cutscene auto then it would be an ultra :wink:



Wow i was so taken by the first gif i’m actually over doing it with this gif, sorta…

but i’ll get it done by tonight.

edit: maybe not.

edit: maybe yes.

I dont know much about Akuma but that like ultra 2 starter into a Metsu Hadoken in the air.

maybe not.

wow! awesome gif cestus!



edit yay its working!

LoL. That’s awesome.

Good stuff, everyone.

i kinda speechless, thats the most awesome thng i have ever seen.

feel the pain!

@AOS: what program was that? u giys have excellent ideas! i want to try an animation

Nicely done fellas.

i’d like to know how you do the bits of the animation theat look the same but is moving also.

the close up ’ ahhhh’ frames

i believe its just a few images repeating over and over making it look wiggly

I drew everything with a tablet on photoshop, each individual frame (except for the repeating ones)

That would be correct.
Not liking how imageready CS2 was replaced by fireworks cs3, i cant make gifs the way i used to, using photoshop to make and imageready to save. i had to get some random gif making program and import frames from there which work pretty nicely, but saves me the hassle of having to change the delay on certain frames.

Your rendition of Gouki is the best thing I’ve seen today. Fun thread idea. I’ll make one of these as well.