just want to showcase our own custom made SHIN AKUMA/AKUMA half scaale statue…with light up base and eyes :slight_smile:

Shin Akuma:

His wide lower jaw just reminds me of my grandma if she went berserk lol

What can I say? Amazing, especially the Buddhist-inspired pose.

I guess Akuma should be wearing rope for ‘gloves,’ but whatever.

You a beast, but you know the collection isnt complete without Oni lol

That is incredible. I would so love to have that.

Impressive! Loving the detail of the musculature and face. Would like to see the process if possible.

very cool. I <3 the light up base & eyes! XD

you can see the sculpt from start to finish at Stoneddownunder’s Blog just click on AKUMA PROJECT

better be quick! this is limited to 40 pcs worldwide :slight_smile:

Holy shit…just… holy shit.

:slight_smile: hahahahhaa

here’s a review of our AKUMA


that’s a dope vid. Thx for posting it.

no worries mate

Wowwww amazing! I really like the Angelina Jolie statue as well. :slight_smile:

WHERE CAN I SEND MONEY??? LOL (sorry for caps, just being silly)

But, seriously, are these for sale?

here’s our new project

Still need to add a little bit of gloss coat on it. Sorry guys, again no arm progress yet. Base will be weathered some more

Sinigang your work is just awesome, congratulations ;).

thanks mate

Yeah, nice work. Keep us updated. If I ever get over this financial hump I may pick up one.