Akuma Quotes

I know this is an old topic but i really got into this recently, and from what i’ve seen there has been no complete source. Theres some quotes i would really love to know in jap.

What i got so far…

I am Akuma, and i will teach you the true meaning of pain!
Waga na wa Gouki, ??? misete-mio
???, ??? ???

(Pre-Rival Fight)
Still havent transcended humanity eh? You lack discipline! Prepare to meet your maker!

(Pre-Boss Fight)
My fists bleed death. Welcome to your doom!

(Initiate Ultra)
Are you ready?
kakugo wa yoi ka

(Ultra Grab Success)
One instant thousand strikes (Die one thousand deaths)
Isshun sengeki

(Ultra Finish)
This is annihilation
Kore (zo/wa?) Messatsu

(Rival Ultra Finish)
long way to go, long way!
Mada tari nu, tari nu wa!

(Rival Super Finish)
Still human after all

**(Super Finish / Victory: back turned) **

(Victory: foot stomp)
sounds like hazikushi, but is it hazukashi?

(Victory: raised hand)
Both heaven and Earth tremble before my might!
waga hadou, tenichi kyokatsu (im probably way off)

(Victory: crossed arms)
Death’s too good for you!

(Red Fireball)
Scorching Surge Fist
Shakunetsu Hadouken

(Raging Demon)
Instant Hell Murder
Shun goku satsu

So if anyone could help me fill out the blanks, kanji would be awesome too.
and let me know if im missing any!

Isshun Sengeki is actually “1 second, 1000 attacks.”

^ thanks. horrible english dubs. he sounds so stupid… like blanka! LoL

In the pre-fight, I believe he mentions his name: I do hear him say “Gouki” before he says “Shin no chikara, misete-mio!”. Funny that in English they translate that last part into “***And I will teach you the meaning of pain!***”… :rofl:

^ you’re right. does anyone have the full line so i can add it?

It’s actually Kakugo “wa” (particle ha) yoi ka.

Might as well add “Shin” Akuma’s quote: “My fists bleed death! Welcome to your Doom!

doesnt Akuma say something else in in the rival fight when he finishes with Super?

something like “Ehhh, Still human after all”


^ lol yep. thats another one… com on guys, where are the jap experts?

Common mistake, in english he actually says “Dine on sausages!”

I had to register for this. This thread looks pretty dead, but I just felt the urge to comment on this. The english subtitles are complete bogus in many cases. They are completely different from what is actually said in japanese and therefore worthless.

Since I wanted to know what Gouki said at the beginning of the round and when you unlock him I asked somebody from an anime-related forum to translate.

So this is what he actually says:

Waga na wa Gouki. Unu no makoto naru ichigeki misetemiyo!
?? ? ? ??? ?? ? ??? ?? ??? ???
My name is Gouki. Show me your true attack.

(Pre-Boss Fight)
Shi au ni miau ken ka… unu ga shura misetemiyo!
? ?? ? ??? ?? ? ?? ? ??? ???
My fist is ready to face death. Show me your Asura! (Asura = Indian god of war)

In a way Gouki and Akuma are different personalities. Akuma is far more threatening while Gouki is challenging his opponent.

Same thing with the rival battle. I haven’t asked for a translation of this part. The talking about humanity seems acurate but the “prepare to meet your maker” is crap again. As far as I can tell from my japanese listening experience it would be more along the line of “Here I come” or something to this effect. I have no idea what the last word means though.

(Super Finish / Victory: back turned)
laughable, ridiculous

(Victory: foot stomp)
Haji to shirei
? ? ???
Feel embarrassed or ashamed

(Victory: raised hand)
Waga hadou tengoku chiu katsu
?? ??? ??? ?? ??
Both heaven and earth know my hadou

So much for my contribution to this.

Very nice thread, thanks. I’d be nice if it gets completed.

Sorry to revive this thread after so long, but a friend of mine recently told me he wanted to do a Street Fighter cosplay photoshoot/video and he’d be playing Akuma, so he asked me to get him all of Akuma’s quotes that I could find and draft up a few new ones. This sparked my curiosity as to how most of these are written correctly, and it seems either a software change or something along those lines might’ve corrupted the Japanese character data that might have existed in these posts.

So, in an attempt to reconstruct Akuma’s iconic lines from SF4, here’s what I got so far (I’m not going to be using the English translations, as Flashblade is correct in stating that the translations are wildly inaccurate). Kanji corrections are very much appreciated, my kanji is still

「我が名は悪魔。己の誠なる一撃、見せてみよ!」 = “Waga na ha Gouki. Unu no makoto naru ichigeki, misete miyo!” (“My name is Gouki. Show me your strongest attack!”)

「覚悟は良いか? / 一瞬千撃!」 = “Kakugo ha yoi ka? / Isshun sengeki!” (“Are you prepared?” / “One instant, a thousand attacks!”)

「…コレぞ、滅殺!」 = “…KORE zo, messatsu!” (“This is [the meaning of] annihilation!”)

「まだ足りぬ、足りぬは!」 = “Mada tari nu, tari nu ha!” (“Still not enough, unworthy!”)

「笑止!」 = “Shoushi!” (“Pitiful!” / “Laughable!” / “Ridiculous!”)

「恥と知り!」 = “Haji to shiri!” (“Know your shame!”)

Working on getting the rest down. My phonetic moonspeak might be a little weak so please bear with me.