Akuma Help - Ultra / Super after a block

Hi there,

The following was quoted off the Akuma match-ups thread. I figured i’d post here since my question feels rather noobish, but if it’s the wrong place, then feel free to move it.

Consider the following from his match-ups vs Cammy regarding when it’s OK to Ultra / Super.

Guaranteed Demons:
Blocked cr.HK (Super only)
Blocked close drill
Blocked far drill (Super only)
Blocked Spike
Blocked Super/Ultra
Spin knuckle can be c.mk/sweep kara demoned since she is airborne when she is spinner.

Here is my question: At what point after blocking any of these moves can you actually go ahead and input the Ultra/Super? Generally speaking after a block, when I’ve tried this out, if I dare attempt the ultra I throw a punch out and usually get countered before finishing the input, or worse.

At what point exactly, or what am I looking for to know when to start the Ultra / Super motion to punish off of such blocks as these? I’m pretty bad overall trying to punish someone after I block an attack of theirs, so anything will help. :sweat:

you’re pushing the two lp during the block stun then just b+lk+hp.
either that or you can do hold forward right after the block and then +mp+lp, mp+lp, back+lk+hp. that way you won’t get the punch and cancel from the OH which is a lot slower.
also if you were up blocking you can just go to d/b+lk+hp. or if you were down blocking you can just go to u/b+lk+hp. you don’t have to go back to neutral.

Could you elaborate on that please? I’m not quite sure I follow, or what OH means, as well as d/b or u/b. I may be just tired mind you, but I get the first part of your post, thank you!

OH is Overhead, I’m not sure if Akuma’s OH is f + MP because I dont use him.

Right on I think I get it now.

Thanks to both of you, off to training!

when you’re doing a demon most of the time you’ll get a lp if you’re on the ground and not doing anything. if the lp hits then they can escape it 100% if they hold up. so what you are doing is using the overhead (OH) move to cancel from. it’s the overhead chop. the overhead is slow enough for you to input the demon before it actually hits so you won’t hit your opponent and let them escape like you would have if the lp hit them. it’s pretty slow so you should be able to do it pretty easily w/o hitting your opponent after you practice it a few times. if you’re using a pad you might try f+3p, 3p, b+lk+hp.

Just one thing: wouldn’t mp+lp, just start up a focus attack, or am I pressing one after the other?

no FA is mp+mk not mp+lp. another way im pretty sure is f+3p, 3p, b+lk+3p. im 99% certain you can do it like that if it makes it easier for you, but i don’t use a pad so i just use mp+lp, mp+lp, b+lk+hp.

mp+mk is focus attack… anyway, really its all about timing IMO. Just go to training and record the moves that can be punished with demon. Keep messing with your timing until you get it perfect and that punch doesn’t come out, then move on to the next one… it will come in time, its all about knowing when your opponents move is going to end and correctly timing your input.

ah didn’t see this before. okay, when you’re blocking right you’re usually holding back right. so you need to get a back input (b+lk+hp) at the end to get a demon, but you’re already holding back from blocking. so you can get the back input a few ways. you can go to neutral after the two lp and then press b+lk+hp OR you can just slide from b to d/b after the two lp and lk+hp. this way you don’t have to go back to neutral. if you were blocking by holding d/b then you can just slide to u/b. this would seem less useful if you’re using a pad, but it’s quicker if you are using a stick. i’m not sure what you’re using so that’s why i gave that suggestion.

As soon as your fighter begins their blocking animation begin “buffering” the demon input and time the final input to match the end of the blockstun recovery.

I recommend using : Down+LP+MK , Down+LP+MK, Back+LK+HP.

If you get used to using this motion, you will be ready to use it as an Anti Air move

Loltima can Help you [media=youtube]SKhDcn9WjBg&feature=PlayList&p=D3A36AD82A61CDFC&index=3"[/media]

she sure is…

Can you explain why you would buffer down MK twice? Isn’t 1 time enough?

A sort of related question and I didn’t want to clutter the board up with another thread:
My roommate recently learned the whiffed second hit of forward roundhouse into super ‘trick.’ What can I do to avoid this? I can’t jump because of blockstun from the first hit, right? Can I reversal? Teleport? Walk into the move so that I never let the second part whiff?

Thanks for all the stuff in this thread, I put in some good time practicing it.

One thing I’ve noticed is I put in a crap load of inputs that are well beyond what is needed for the ultra. The sensitivty on the TE stick is just crazy. It’s fun mind you, but holy hell is it easy to input about 5 punches too many, or even 2 or 3 with one button press. Any tips on how to work on limiting that? Seems like pressing the buttons more often than not does too many inputs, and isn’t clean like in the demon buffer video that was linked.

yea it is, but it’s just easier for some people. like for example i just double tap mp+lp instead of mp+lp, lp, b+lk+hp.

you should be able to get out. either jump, teleport, or shoryuken cause it won’t grab until the block stun wears off. you have to do it before the ‘flash’ if he times it good. if you haven’t input the jump, teleport, or shoryuken you’ll get super demon.

slow it down first then speed it up. that’s how i learn how to do things.