Akuma Got New Shoes

So I was looking for cheap clothes to work out in. This hunt lead me to a store named Factory-2-U. As I made my way to the men’s section a pair of shoes caught my attention. I stopped, pinched myself, and was :wtf: My eyes did not deceive me - There they were - Akuma branded shoes!


After I :rofl:'ed, I needed to know how much these badboys cost - They were only 12.99

So the laughter wore off and I was back to business. Once in the men’s department, I was stopped again. More Akuma branded clothing!

By now I’m :looney: I’m sure this clothing is all the rage with today’s hipsters.

Is that his face?

Yeah that’s not his face, but a demon face. Pretty sure its based on the Japanese word meaning Devil.
Who knows though, maybe its based on the Romanian word for Now