Akuma corner demon unblockable/jumpable after whiffed attack

After browsing the forums to see if anyone’s already posted this i found nothing about this setup to the RD. This only works in the corner and it happens when after a jumping char who’s about to jump is hit with lp and immediately after the RD is performed so right when they land they get grabbed and cannot jump away or do anything. Has anyone else come across this? ok so after the whiffed jump, RD is activated while the char rolls back to land and as soon as they land they eat the RD in the corner.

Ill upload a vid to my YT to show you guys a visual example

It’s called a reset, and im afraid it doesnt work. If they just hold up or do an invincible reversal, the raging demon gets beat.

Yeah that does work in xmen vs street fighter, but generally if they are fast enough they can get a j.mk out to hit you just before they land. Computer does it to me all the time.

I like to do it in MVC2. If they jump full screen I do captain commandos kick super so they block it just before they touch the ground, then DHC into RD. Epic funs.

Who said he was talking about SSF4 lol.

its about a 99% chance he is talking about sf4

are you sure it works in xvsf? ive never heard of any capcom fighting game that didnt give some throw invincibility when you land after getting reset

Because no-one plays Akuma in MvC2…not to mention even attempts Raging demon…one of the worst supers in the game.

ya i was talking sf4 well im gonna upload tomorrow so a link will be posted with a video of what im talking about and yeah im pretty sure a SRK or jag knee would stop it but idk its hard to tell. And its an insult to get hit by the raging demon in Mvc2 lol

No need to upload anything.
It simply doesn’t work. Because you only reset him, your opponent can always jump out or can do a reversal with some invincible frames, just like Sizar_92 said.
Due to demon counting as a throw, there is absolutely no way to combo into demon, besides a Focus Attack crumple.

The only unblockable RD i know of is when it is used as an anti-air when someone jumps in on you wrong. Other than that, if someone resets me with a jab and I flip back and I see you activated RD, chances are, you’re going to eat the shit outta Cammy’s Boot via Cannon Spike FADC Cannon Spike.