Akuma comand roll?

whats with this thing? ken has it to qcb.P
the srtonger the punch, the longer the distance.
we all know that!

but whats it for? and dont tell me to roll cancel his command roll!!!
cuz thats no what its for, the on time i use is to fake a roll.
there for i only use the jab version of the roll, its short and suprises the opponent … sometimes…

but whats it really for?? is it cancelable? can i follow-up? does anybody use ??

i use kens roll cuz hes in my p-team so i can use this command roll,
but the problem is that you can get knoked out of it! with like any thing!

its basicly just to doge high attacks

i havent really found a proper use to it, and i know its not usless.

i was just wondering if it has any other uses than faking a roll or rolling in a no-roll groove??

Don’t use it, you’ll die.

see thats just bullshit.
there has to be some kind of use to it…

Its not bullshit.
Why do u think nobody uses it?
The recovery alone on the move is just asking to get killed.

You use it to cross people up during the 2p player glitch or during any level *****yuken with Ken. You can use it to cancel your Lvl2 supers in C-groove. You can use it right outside of the sweet spot for slow heavy pokers…

… well you could… :confused:

But yeah… no real practical competitive uses for it come to mind except to mess with an opponent who is most likely stupid.

Kind of like throwing out Rolento’s PPP+p special move once in a while and actually pressing the last p to make him roll forward like an idiot. Sometimes it’ll surprise people…

… stupid people anyway… :bluu:

The only use it has is in C-Groove. You can use it to cancel a lvl2 special, then do another attack to juggle.

That’s it. Other than that, don’t use it.

Asking for this move’s practicality is like asking for the practicality of Terry’s power dunk.

If any of u have even seen a half way decent k-groove akuma u would all know wut the command roll is for. here is a hint, full k-groove bar raged+command roll+demon = ?

dude… seriously though, cut the crap.
your not Edward Nigma here ok?
you have some knowledge about a so called "usless move"
you should share it ; thats what a forum is for.

dude…seriously though, i am edward muthafuckin’ nigma. if u can’t figure out wut i was saying then u seriously have problems and shouldn’t play akuma. but i’ll be nice:D

wut my friend does is make u block: a dive kick, qcb+lk, c.lp, c.lkxxxcommand rollxxxxraging demon

no man your not edward nigma.

and what if you get lk out of the roll, then what? you just stand there and take a bnb ; thats it

Thats y you don’t do the fucking roll.

i am edward nigma.

anyways that’s y u do those pokes first. it sets u far enough away that any retaliation pokes won’t touch you, and u r anticipating that the person does try to poke so that they get caught by the demon. The reason is becuase akuma can cancel into demon from any move at any tim, so u never let the command roll last the whole time, u basically cancel it early on.

OR you just don’t do the roll at all or bother trying to poke with lp to ‘bait them.’ You just do dive kick then demon because they will THINK you’re going to combo. Have you seen Mopreme’s vid? I think it’s Mopreme’s…

The roll is SHIT. It is in no way the only useless move in the game it doesn’t have to have a use. The ONLY thing it can ever be used for is to cancel a super in C-Groove if your opponent isn’t expecting it and go into a more powerful combo than what the cancel into special would have been. THIS IS EXTREMELY RARE AND THE ONLY HALF-PRACTICAL USE IT HAS.

The dive kick demon set up is over used. Anytime akuma has full bar and jumps at me, i jump away or go for a trade. The roll doesn’t have to have a use, but guess wut? it does. p-groove roll under chun s.mp, demon. Sagat trying to bully you with s.mk? roll under that shit and demon. I’ve seen it happen and it works fine

the roll is used for mind games, ppl dsont expect short rolls

Somebody want to delete this thread? lol…

i could, but why?

Too embarassing to Pokes and all the stupid stuff he said…

edit: actually you know what? nevermind what I said. Leave the thread as it is. It’s a comedy classic. :lol:

Gah, AkumaRoll ='s friggin crap. I can’t recall ever using it unless I was fighting against someone using a roll intensive character. You know, a character that has a ton of moves in includes a roll. Anyway, the ONLY time I would use it, is to gain DISTANCE. Then again, the recovery is so much crap, that by the time you get up, they’re behind you anyway, so whatever. Roll Bad… no roll!!!