Akuma colors

Hi everyone.
Can someone tell me where or how I can unlock all the akuma colors and outfits?
I have bought the season 2 colors and the akuma extra ones but still I see people playing in colors where he has a yellow hair/main and I don’t know where I get these from?


Maybe you mean color 15? If so you have to be level 50 in order to be able to purchase that color from the shop. 11-15 are available for purchase at the shop if your character level is high enough.

Oh thanks!
I think it’s actually color 14 but I thought I was at level 25? Will check on that again!

Blonde Akuma will always look weird to me. Color 15 would have looked so sick with white hair.

You’re right that blond hair color is really weird ;d

I always use 12 since that’s his Third Strike colors. But it sucks since I’m stuck with that awful beard.

Just wish some of the colors were available on the Akuma skin that doesn’t suck.

too many of his default colors feature the same bright red hair and skin tone. the nostalgia one has more variations. i don’t get why they went too safe for his default. i just use his no.2 color now. i like that darkish red color.

speaking of costumes, i can not find the correct button combo for the hole in chest Akuma hidden/easter egg costume.

Is there even an easter egg variant for that costume? What does it do?