Akishop PS360+ wiring question


I recently picked up a Vewlix, seen here: Vewlix Images.

I am in the process of wiring up the controls. I would like to have a PC running MAME, PS3, Xbox 360 underneath. I would also like a no hassle solution on the controls so that whichever device is on (PC, Xbox, PS3) the controls respond to that device. So far I have looked at the Akishop PS360+. Since my cabinet is two player, I need two of these PCBs.

Here is my issue: There is one USB out on the Akishop PS360+ PCB to any one system (PC, Xbox, PS3). If I want it to be no hassle, It would need to output to all 3 devices. I am thinking that I could connect the Output on the PS360+ to this USB hub, and then from that Output to the 3 devices. This way whenever I want to play on my PS3, I would only have to turn that on and the PS360+ would take input from my controls and direct them to that device. If the PC was on, it would likewise only direct my controls to the PC. Because the PS360+ only works for one set of arcade controls, I would need two PS360+ PCB’s, and two USB hubs. This is my thinking.

Does this seem like a plausible solution? Would it work? My concerns is that the hub may interfere somehow with the PCB and the device. Maybe the signal gets lost or distorted along the way? I also don’t see many reviews about the PS360+ working well with a MAME setup. Anyone have any feedback?

If anyone has another idea for what I’m trying to do I am all ears. I don’t want to be going under the hood every time I want to change which device I am gaming on.

I drew a pretty picture of what I am trying to do.



Hubs don’t work that way.

Hubs are used to connect multiple devices to a single terminal, not a single device to multiple terminals; ie, it’s not just simple wiring that goes 2-ways. Hook it up that way, and you probably fry your PS360+, if not possibly damaging your PS3, X360 and PC as well.

What you need is something that can take a single device’s inputs, and output it to multiple consoles, but ONLY one at a time. Your only solution is to have a USB switcher where you’ll have to manually select which console you output to.

So no, there’s no clean auto-select method for what you want to do.

Thanks for the reply Freedom.

Your right, silly mistake. Not a hub but a switch. Maybe this would work? USB Switch

If I’m reading it right, it directs input to whichever output is selected. So the output of the PS360+ goes into this box, and I have USB cords running to my systems, and whichever system I want to play on I press the corresponding button.

One would hope that there is a hands-free way of doing this…

Yes, a switch like that is what you’d need.

The problem with a hands-free or auto-detecting method is that a setup like that would require that all 3 of your consoles (PS3, X360 and PC) be interconnected electrically, and that would cause more problems than anything.

If you’re looking to swap devices at will, you’ll need a KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) switch that has at least three outputs. It will need to be USB and HDMI based, so no VGA or PS/2 ports. The HDMI switches are kinda pricy… I’ve personally been looking into this for my own HD cabinet and this is the best solution :slight_smile:

Ultimately if you have a monitor with more than one HDMI input in your cabinet, you could always get a VGA KVM with USB ports, and only use the USB ports. It would be less expensive that way and you could swap the consoles that are connected at the push of a button.

Typing “HDMI KVM” into newegg got me a few interesting devices.

HDMI KVM Switch This for example, comes with a remote.

But wouldn’t I still need two of these though ? :s