AJtheMishima's Stick Modding Service (T5, FS3/Ex2, Hori, Agetec, Etc) **PICS**

Due to my work schedule I will only being taking on 2 customers at a time. This will keep me from taking on too much I cant finish. I will update this first post when there are openings. thanks

***Current Project Openings

Just wanted to see if people were looking for someone to install sanwa/seimitsu parts and quick disconnects in their stock sticks for them.
You must send the stick, parts you want swapped in and pay for shipping. Or you can send the stick and send me the money via paypal and ill order the parts to save on time/shipping costs to you.
This is how much I will charge for my time to swap stick, buttons and add QDs to a stick…(will update as i get different sticks in)
Tekken 5- $40 (I can mount Seimitsu LS32, but will cost more)
FS3/Wii fight/EX2- $40
Other hori sticks start at $40
Agetec Green Goblin- $55
Mayflash- $45
For other sticks ill charge alittle more or less depending what all is involved in moding it.

Dual modding services are also available. Cost will vary depending on your stick and what kind of pcb it has…

If you have more questions about the service or if i can do a different stick pm or you can try to reach me my
email- mountaindewfkr@hotmail.com

Other than cash the only things im really looking for are…
(new or used condition)
-Seimitsu LS56
-Seimitsu LS32
-(2) innovation Ps2/dc controller adapters
-Tekken 5 stick
-KOF XII ps3
-sanwa stick/buttons
-seimitsu buttons

Paypal, Money Order and Check Accepted

Since ive gotten afew pms ive decided to post some of my work up.
These are some of the sticks ive modded that I happened to take pics of.

Tekken 5 stick
-Seimitsu LS32 and Ps-14-kn buttons

  • dual mod psx/360
    -Arthong plexi/art


  • Sanwa upgrade



Tekken 5 stick
Sanwa JLW-UM
random sanwa buttons



Hori Wii FightStick
-Sanwa upgrade
-ps3 pcb swap





Tekken 5 joystick (my first mod ever)
Sanwa upgrade


Hori Ex2
-Sanwa upgrade


Hori Ex2
-Replaced original pcb with a madcatz pcb

-LS56/Sanwa buttons
-DS pcb



Same Agetec with JLF and black case(vinyle dye)



I would, but i only have a ps2/ps3/dc so i wouldnt be able to check my work for other systems. Thats my only problem. What other sticks would be similar, i know i can do them. Im also gonna do FS3 soon.

You would have gotten my money if you could do a street fighter anniversary stick for 360.

Hmm, guess im gonna have to find out if i can use my friends 360 to test out my work in the future.


I am interested in this service. I just picked up a t5 sick (and love it minus the stick is a bit stiff). You got any ballpark figures in mind for this service?

Can’t you just load the drivers for a 360 and test on your pc?


+1, also curious how much you would be charging for this…

I also want to know how much you would charge for this.


im thinking $35 for the labor on the t5 stick. You guys send me the stick, parts and pay for shipping. I think its a fair price.
For other sticks ill charge alittle more or less depending what all is involved in moding it.

also, if i quoted you something lower before i put those prices up. Youll get the cheaper price.

You guys need to jump on this, that’s some crazy low prices for what’s involved in this mod. Filing down them holes are a pain in the bottocks.

Yeah, i know. People usually charge around $50-$60 for this service. Im just trying to get my work out. As i grow so will the prices and services i can provide.

All pm’s replied with quotes.
Sucks so much right now. Due to LL and Akihabara not taking orders at the moment its really holding up my projects.

Good luck!!!

If you live in Houston can you just drop off the stick? I wanted to have Victor teach me how to mod my Hori EX2 but I’m too busy to do that and want to just drop it off at PZ or some other place to get it fixed with the upgrades.

Mobb- Thanks

DarkM- I actually made a thread in the mashharder f/s section about my services. No problem. Do you already have the parts you need for me to swap it out for you?

After I tried selling a netbook and all sorts of shit on there, no one answered so I stopped looking around that section since there wasn’t really anything good to buy/sell. I don’t actually have the parts, but I might team up with Face/Minh/??? to buy the parts to swap out. I’d like to ask if you have anything to weigh down the EX2 to a heavier weight also like Jumpsuit Jesse did. If you don’t know of a way or don’t have the stuff for it, that’s fine.