Air Jab Fireball Punish

When I play against friends and they really want to play Ultra I play Akuma against them and I use his fireballs a lot, and his jab fireball is good to kind of cover him as hes falling in on someone who doesnt have meter. So whats the best way to punish him me on my way down and the fireballs still out.

Jump forward jab fireball is a bad option because you literally just sweep or grab Akuma when he hits the ground.

On a jump back it is much harder to do something and depends on the other character.

Like loyalsol said or something like ex shoryuken. they could also try and focus the fireball and release just as your landing.

Edit- sorry. Just noticed the part about no meter

Yeah I figured focusing would be the best way to punish it. If they try to go for a lvl 3 should I just tatsu as soon as I land?

Depends how close you are. If you’re landing real close DP might be better do to the invincibility. If you’re out of dp range then you should be able to back dash then punish the focus whiff.