Air d+hk aka the spike

I like to play Morrigan; I need to know what known assist attacks combo after her air spike vs storm or sentinel, because it seems like I can’t find any.

what if ya put yourself into unflymode?.. would that help w/ the repeated shell kicks?

Yeah unfly helps. You can do stuff like:

launch, lk, D+hk, lp, call psy, mp xx darkness illusion, psy hits, darkness illusion hits

It’s easy, no fancy timing needed, and it can be done anytime you have unfly, even after a launcher. With the launcher this does over 60% against storm, and almost 50% against sent.

If they’re grounded and you get an opportunity to do a shell pierce from above, you’d be better off canceling it immediately into her qcb+lk, land, then whatever (she can start her standing sent inf this way, or launch into her storm inf).

EDIT: This also works with other popular AAAs like capcom and cyclops, but it’s much easier with psy since she comes out so fast.