AIG, sues USA after bailout


Fucking seriously?

Are you kidding me?

I have no words… So I’m just leaving this here.

There really are no words.

Obama better go to press conference and just give the camera the finger, and just say AIG.

Because there really are no words.

저는 론 버건디 입니까?

“Thanks for saving my company, but I don’t think I got a big enough cut of the action.”

what the…I am litterally at a loss for words. If this was the 40s, the US government would have just sent some mob goons to shoot them in the face.

…this cannot be for real :rofl:


Step 1: get bailed out after running company into the ground.
Step 2: ???
Step 3: profit!

I guess we found out what step 2 is.

Money neva sleeps, Stay Free USA.

Not surprised at all.

You can shatter your pelvis in an unsupervised backyard fight club, have a doctor return your ability to walk, sue the doctor because “you can’t walk as good,” then collect disability from the government for the rest of your life, all while voting Republican because you hate people who “mooch” off the government.


The nerve of AIG is unfuckingbelievable.

This means I have more reason to hate Manchester United :tup:

ManU dropped AIG a long time ago, they’re sponsored by AON now.

Isn’t the CEO suing and because of him it’s forcing the board to sue for shareholders because of some legalese? That’s how I understood it.

Capitalism rules.
Suck it haters.

They are suing because the terms of the agreement made it difficult to fulfill their maximum profit promise to shareholders of the company. and AIG in not doing is breaking the law. I hope America counter sue’s and makes the company go bankrupt.

Another reason why this country fails.

naaa, former CEO is suing because he is still a shareholder, and believes the Government fucked over the shareholders by making a contract that barely allowed AIG to make profit after paying the huge ass debt the government bailed them out of.

Basically, you ask your mom to borrow 20 bucks. She says OK, but you owe me 21 bucks. You pay back 21 bucks, then your little brother goes “hey wait, I only have 10 bucks, how come you guys did stuff involving money, and i didn’t get any?” so he stabs mom in the face and you’re supposed to look at him like a normal productive member of society.

Key word… They’re not prevented from doing this…

Because they made it difficult to do so, they can argue that the maximum amount of money was not given to share holders thus their legal obligation was not fulfilled.

But you have to be a complete idiot to think this so…

Yeah, Greenburg (ex-CEO of AIG) is suing on behalf of AIG shareholders through another investment firm (Starr). Meanwhile AIG’s board is considering whether to take over the suit, block the suit, or let Greenburg continue.

So before you guys start polishing your pitchforks, wait to see what decision AIG makes.

And remember that the shareholders do not represent the corporation, so unless AIG wants to take over the suit, the suit should not be taken as a representation of AIG as a company.

…this does explain why I’ve been seeing so many AIG commercials lately. Obviously, this news is a threat to their brand.

You can tell who hasn’t been watching much football this season! :wonder: