AHHH! MY STICK.. what have I done?!

so heres my story. i never modded an arcade stick before. i have the ps3 mad catz SE arcade stick. i bought a new joystick… Seimitsu LS-40-01. now i present pics of the terrible situation lol.




i was told that i needed a mounting plate to install this particular joystick in the SE, but i found thats not true (even though i purchased one). u might see that i soldered the wires to the circuit board where there old joystick wires were plugged (or more like glued) in.

here is my problem, everything seems to be good, except for the ‘right’ direction on the joystick. i’m going to try undoing and soldering them back again to see if maybe it didnt go well the first time and thats why ‘right’ direction isnt working.

im hoping that maybe someone with more experience modifying can tell me if i did right or if what i did wasnt a good idea. like i said, this is my first time modding anything like this.

before i started i checked the order of the original wires on the original joystick. now i have my seimitsu ls-40-01 put in and i made sure that the wires were hooked up the same way in the same order (when i soldered them). now my ‘right’ direction isnt working like i said. are there other steps i should have taken, did i do something wrong? perhaps try ‘re’ -soldering them to see if maybe something didnt go well?

Actually, you need the other Mounting Plate if you want the LS-40-01 to be at correct height.
You can use the stock RE Mounting Plate, yes, but it will be shorter.

Did you know that the stock Wire Harness goes like this:
Ground, Right, Left, Up, Down?

So you solder according to this?



okay, so red circle #1 (that i made… obviously lol) … that is how the wires look plugged into the joystick. im thinking that red circle #2 would be the correct way for me to wire to the circuit board? from right to left (in #2) they are ; orange, green, black, red, yellow. currently, mine is completely opposite… ; yellow, red, black, green orange. did i just do things backword?

if i did do them backword… why is it when i move the joystick left it actually moves left but when i move right, nothing? i appreciate any help… im not a fan of the d-pad and would like to get back to my arcade stick asap lol.

no actually it seems i was right the first time cuz now nothing works but down. lol, this sucks, but the joystick feels a million times better than the one that was in the SE lol. now if i can just get it to work lol.

The first one is right.

And only Down works because you wired Ground to the Down.
And Down wire to the Ground.

When that happens in the stock Wire Harness, we just tell people to flip over.
But since you have Seimitsu HP5, you cannot flip other way.

If you switch back to how you did originally, and wire correctly but not work, I don’t know what to say.
I be afraid to say that you killed something somehow.

I would like you to test out the PCB.
Have a wire on Ground and touch each pin with the same wire.
Doing this will close the circuit and activate the Directional input.

See if all the directions work.

After do that, I want you to test the Microswitches of the Joystick.
Maybe the one that does Left is broken?

So you know, the Orange wire of your Wire Harness will always be Ground.

i must have killed something somehow…?! dag yo…


so i hooked up orange (the ground), and started testing different wires on different spots… i noticed that all of the wires worked fine for different directions, excluding green… or, the direction right…


im assuming this means that this was a failed attempt to mod? lol. do i need to purchase a new arcade stick?

Aww, that means Right on the PCB is broken somehow. :sad:

You don’t have to buy new Arcade Stick.
You can find people in SRK Trading Outlet selling just the PCB you need.

thanks uve been a great help… its unfortunate, im gona play around with it a bit more but im wanting to look at that trading outlet asap, is that within this forum? i didnt notice it before… or is it a different link?


You can use PlayStation TE PCB too if you can find.
I have a person who is sell to me one.
I can be nice and let you buy it.

watcha want for it buddy? :slight_smile:

Not from me.
From the person who is selling to me.
Instead of me buying from him, it will be you to buy from.

Tell him jdm714 sent you.

i have SE will TE work with it as well?

its the same pcb i think, correct me if i’m wrong

cool beans thats what i needed ta know :wink:

you can take a paperclip and push down and pull back on the pins on the connector on you stick, then realign the pins to the right pint out. I did it on my cab when I put new sticks in.