AH, so it's you? A Wang Jinrei Thread

Alright since there is a lack of a thread for Wang I decided to put together this post involving the character.<br>First standing punishment:<br><br>impact frames, input, block frames, hit frames, effect/damage<br><br>i10: 1,4: -6, +5, +5 on CH, 27DMG<br><br>i10: 2,3: -10, +1, +1, 31DMG<br><br>i14: standing 3: -9, -3, KD on CH, 33DMG<br><br>i15: uf+4: -12, Launches on Hit, and CH, 27DMG<br><br>i15: f+2,2: -11, KND, KND on CH, 40DMG<br><br>i16: df+2,1:  -18,  Launches on Normal and counter hit, 34DMG<br><br>i16: b+3,4: -9, KND, KND on CH, 42DMG<br><br>While Rising Punishment:<br><br>i10: d+1: (same properties as standing 1)<br><br>i11: ws+4: -6, +5, +5 on CH, 22DMG<br><br>i13: ws+1,1: -12, KND, KND on CH, 41DMG<br><br>i15: uf+4 (Look at standing punisment)<br><br>i16: FC df+4,3: -16, KND, KND on CH, 38DMG<br><br>i17(JF): cc df+2,1 (same properties as with standing punishment)<br><br>Sadly Wang’s standing punishment is below average, His hopkick has poor range. his best tool by far at 15f is f+2,2 it has good reach and can punish things like Heihachi’s ff+2.<br>and he has pretty good while rising punishment as well, but how he makes up for this is his amazing whiff punishing capability. Tools like deathfist, his d+1+2, and df+2,1 are taggable launchers with pretty good range. <br><br>Moves you should be using:<br><br>f+1,4:  High, High<br>this move in a very good punisher for -10, but it can be used for pokes because of it’s long reach as well a whiff punishing.<br><br>df+4,(1): mid, mid<br>a 12 frame poke with a CH follow-up. Both hits are safe on block, although the second one can be reveresed/parried. df+4 itself is pretty linear, but the punch has decent tracking.<br><br>b+2,1(1+2): mid, high, mid<br>A far reaching i14 poke, b+2 is sage, but the 1 doesn’t jail, so it can be ducked and you will be launched for it. Although the launch is fairly hard. The 1+2 can be delayed a bit.<br><br>ff+1+2: mid<br>i16 safe mid which on CH gives you a juggle and a knockdown on normal hit. One move you should throw out there to close the space between you and your opponent.<br><br>b+3,4: mid, high<br>i16 move that is safe and hit confirmable, has far reach and tracks slightly to your left.<br><br>2,3: high, mid<br>Another i10 punisher that can be used as a poke as well. be wary it is -10, but the second hit tracks really well.<br><br>d+2,(1+2): mid, mid<br>A far reaching safe mid that leaves you in FC and is +4 on hit for mixups afterwards. Can be used for an oki combo ender. You can also whiff the d+2, and bait for a juggle with the CH 1+2.<br><br>ff+2: high<br>Far reaching i14 CH Launcher. Only -2 on block and +9 on normal hit.<br><br>1,1(,2): high, high, mid<br>i10 CH KD/Wallsplat move that is -12 on block. something to throw out every now and again, downside is the 2 can’t be hit confirmed or delayed. The first two hits track and can work as a panic button.<br><br>Lows to use:<br>db+3: low<br>A slow low that crushes highs, is -12 on block and gives slight advantage on hit.<br><br>d+3(,4): Low,high<br>Fast i14 move with a CH follow-up, -3 on hit. The 4 can be ducked and launched, and d+3 alone has short reach.<br><br>df+3: low<br>Another slow move, but is has it’s uses. +4 on NH and +25 NG on CH.<br><br>d+4(,1): low,  mid<br>i18 with far reach and it high crushes. While it’s -2 on hit, it pretty much is wangs best low poke. The follow-up is a CH launcher but can be launched on block.<br><br>now onto his whiff punishing tools.<br><br>d+1+2: mid<br>tag bufferable launcher at i20 with fairly far reach. it’s -14 on block.<br><br>qcf+2, aka the “Deathfist” : mid<br>With perfect input it is an i15 knockdown with far reach. it’s -17 on block with pushback.<br><br>df+2,1: mid, mid<br>Tag bufferable launcher that is i16. -18 on block<br><br>f+1+2: mid<br>i16 knockdown, +5 on NH, and KND on CH. It’s -13 on block.<br><br>now for his homing moves:<br><br>uf+3(,1): mid, mid<br>Low crush mid which leaves you at +4 and FC on hit for mixup. the CH follow-up can’t be delayed and is -13 on block. Can also be used in FC mixups for a reset.<br><br>ff+4: high<br>i20 knockdown with guarenteed follow-ups. Has a similar animation to f+3, +4 on block.<br><br>f+3: mid<br>i20 safe knockdown with good reach.<br><br>For FC mixups:<br><br>FC df+4,3: low, mid<br>Wangs hellsweep the first hit is -13 on block, and the second is -16 on block. if the enemy is backed up to a wall when knocked down you get guarenteed follow-ups.<br><br>FC f+2: mid<br>i18 safe knockdown, you can mix this up with df+4,3.<br><br>ws+2,2: mid, mid<br>First hit is safe at -9 and can be hitconfirmed for trhe second hit. even if you failed to HC, it’s only -11 on block.<br><br>Moves with good Frame advantage:<br>ss+1+2: mid<br>+13 NG on block, +9 on hit and DOS on CH. Great at the wall and also bounds.<br><br>db+1: mid<br>+7 on block but really slow at i40. Gives DOS on NH and KND on CH.<br><br>uf+1+2: mid<br>+7 on block and reaches far, an unbreakable throw on hit.<br><br>Situational moves:<br>df+3+4: Special mid<br>High crushes and is a safe unbreakablethrow.<br><br>b+1+2: mid<br>Punch parry, a small parry window, -10 on block and KND on hit. Plus guarenteed follow-ups if sabaki is done.<br><br>b+4: mid<br>Safe evasive kick with decent reach, slow at i21, gives DOS on CH<br><br>now onto two things that make Wang really good first his parry. b+1 is the best parry in the game, and is a usefull tool in punishing raw tag crashes punch spammers, everything. Parried moves acts like they whiffed so basically you are punishing whiff frames. This move can parry any high,mid except for DJ’s laser (cause then that’d be god tier broken :V) This move also allows you to launch Tag Crashes and a wide variety of safe moves.<br><br>The command is b+1 and it’s active frames are 2-12, this move has 4 follow-ups;<br><br>1: 20 damage, i23, -10 on block, KND on both NH and CH<br><br>2.: 36DMG, i16, -7, KND on NH and CH<br><br>3: 18DMG, i19, -13, Launches on NH and CH<br><br>4: 21DMG, i17, -24, KND on Nh and CH<br><br>the follow-up combo off of 3 is your basic uf+4 combo:<br><br>b+1,3, ff+2, f+1, df+1,1 B! deathfist ~66DMG<br><br>off of 1 Wang has guarenteed follow-ups:<br>df+1+2, if you mash you’ll get 41DMG but if you delay it a bit you’ll get 52DMG<br><br>db+4,2 for 42DMG and you can tagout.<br><br>dash d+3+4 for 50DMG<br><br><br>My hands hurt from typing this much bros sorry D: I’ll end it with my combo breakdown video and finish up later. I haven’t finished covering the rest of his stuff yet.<br><br>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qBAdly8CBEY<br>

Reserved post*<br>

Yes, a Wang thread!!!<br><br>Help me wrap around using his b+1!!!<br>

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<div class=“QuoteText”>Yes, a Wang thread!!!<br><br>Help me wrap around using his b+1!!!<br></div>

Basically it’s to punish those who like to use strings a lot. if you see a jab string coming or any mid/high attack use b+1 and it will auto parry all hits. and then retaliate with any of the followups mentioned above.<br><br>It’s so good that it will auto parry 10 strings until the low, so instead of low parrying law’s low you can with the right timing hit 3 for a launch. it’s very useful. <br>

Some ideas for d/b+1: