Aggressive Characters

I was wondering if there are any characters that specifically caters highly aggressive pressure play but lacks defensive options, much like ST Dictator. The two characters that comes to my mind right now are Dictator and Dudley, even though Dictator now has a decent wakeup game with EX Psycho Crusher. It seems that most characters either go both ways or have tools that caters more towards the defensive style than the offensive style. Even though I am fairly new to this game, I did use to play fighting games fairly often, so I do not mind suggestions towards more advanced characters.


akuma is a popular one. abel can be, i think. seth has crappy defensive options outside of teleport and stretch arm runaway.

rufus is a lot of safe offense cammy can end rounds quickly and viper is mainly offensive but is considered crappy


Some are:

Ibuki (She can zone with kunai and neckbreaker slide, but is meant for all-out rush.)
C. Viper (Anything, but will get her low health a** killed. Hard to master, but if you do her rush is awesome though. That and she stuns the opponent easily.)
El Fuerte

Note: Another user said Akuma, but despite his great vortex and wake-ups mix-ups: He is still a zoner. Also, I’m not correcting you 'cus I see what you mean, but I don’t consider M. Bison (Dictator) only rush. He can stay back and turtle fairly well before he hits the offensive. You are correct though once he gets going it’s all rush offense.

Chun Li has a ton of pressure options and crappy defense.

Sorry, I guess I was not descriptive enough of what I was searching for. The characters I generally like to use are in-your-face characters that once I am on the offense, I can maintain pressure and momentum. I am not really looking for characters with just offensive tools - because that will be a lot. So yeah, I actually looked at all of the suggestions and this is what I think of them.

Abel - this character fits the bill.
Akuma - more of a zoning character
C. Viper - this character fits the bill
Cammy - more of a offensive zoning character. She does not seem to provide momentum, but she can definitely apply pressure.
Chun Li - more of a zoning character
El Fuerte - interesting choice but I don’t see how he can maintain momentum, at least from the videos I have seen. He is definitely an offensive orientated character though.
Guy - this character fits the bill
Ibuki - I am still indecisive with her. She can definitely apply pressure though.
Makoto - this character fits the bill
Rufus - this character fits the bill whenever I watch American videos, like JWong. But once I watch the Japanese videos, they seem to be much more conservative and defensive. I don’t know why either. I will have to do more research.
Seth - I think he zones more than he pressures.

After looking at all the suggestions, I think I found my third character to tinker with: C. Viper - her pressure game looks amazing. It seems that she can pressure her opponent really well, forcing them to make a mistake and capitalize on it. She can also use her seismic attack and chain it with her flame kick to catch up with the opponent. Abel would be my second choice though.

Thanks for all the suggestions. If anyone has other suggestions or has any correction to what I said, please post. I will definitely read them. Thanks again.

PS: I know a lot of people hate fighting against Gouki and Guile turtles. I actually really like fighting them. It feels really rewarding to catch up with them, even if it takes thirty seconds, rush them down once close, and win. I don’t mind losing either.

I don’t believe he was asking for a character who ONLY rushes. But Akuma has superior rushdown AND zoning to Ibuki, so if you ever feel like you’re losing in the rushdown/mixup game with him you can back off and zone, whereas Ibuki really can’t. Akuma has one of the best rushdowns in the game when played right, he’s just VERY hard to play right.

Since when is Viper considered crappy? She just has a high execution barrier.

this thread fits the bill

Seems like OP already had a good idea of who he wanted to play already. Did you just forget the character names?

Sakura, Chun Li, Akuma, and Adon.

True, especially with Gouki’s Demon Flip shenanigan.

My main characters are Dudley and Dictator because those are the characters I used in 3S and ST respectively. Since I am fairly new to this game, I was looking for suggestions to other aggressive characters to play with outside of Dictator and Dudley. After watching C. Viper videos, she looks like the perfect candidate as my third character, due to her high pressure tactics, BS crossups, and high stun attacks, much like ST Dictator. She also has a universal overhead and super jump from 3S.

So far, I can do most of her combos, including her BnBs and st.HP -> SJC -> U1, fairly easily in training mode. But once I hit online, my hand just melts. No need to complain though. Just need to play more. The hardest part is actually doing her combos that involves cancelling the Thunder Knuckle or Seismic Hammer.

I actually have been using Sakura for a little while. Her Ex. Shunpukyaku shenanigans are normally interrupted by people who mashes DP or command grabs (like Zangief’s 360) and many people don’t seem to fall for her crossover anymore. At least cr.HP trades with DP if I hit it in time, I guess. Still a very fun character that I use from time to time.

Thanks for the replies.

Characterizing Akuma as a zoner doesn’t really make much sense to me. I mean, yeah, he has the tools to zone, but his rush down game is so much more effective.

You’re right. I do agree that he is much better when applying wake-up rushdown pressure. What I guess I should have said is that he “too” is suited for some zoning. You see, I was under the impression that the OP wanted a strictly rush character. Akuma can mess you up with his rush, but due to the second lowest health in the game he is also given great zoning tools. Most Akumas too resort to that if given a bad disadvantage or normally the beginning until they score that knockdown. You are right and I stand corrected, but I guess I just should have written what I meant better.

cammy has the ability to build momentum pretty damn well as she has fairly good oki pressure and all her combo’s score knockdowns that lead into mixups.

They are all aggressive, that is why they are in a fighting game.


Sorry for being so late to reply on this, but her EX shunpukya has to be combo’ed into. You can’t just throw them out. cr. hp then immediately into ex shun works everytime, I promise. The most basic of Sakura combos is jumping HK, cr HP, ex shun. There are obviously many other variations as well. Watch some of that that traitor Sabre’s videos if you wanna learn how to use Sakura like a pro

UMM!!! I WANT TO VOTE FOR JURI ;D!.. she can be pretty scary… especially when you’re in the corner against her. Not sure if she’s your style though… but definitely try it before you knock it.

But yeah… I actually really like fighting Abels because it’s usually a very exciting match, and a lot of action. Juri likes it a lot :wink: