Agetec project

So this is how my Agetec is going so far. I am pretty much done with the constuction phase of this project. I will start soldering the PCB tomorrow after work. I am not so good with that so hopefully it doesn’t go too bad. What do you guys think?

Got this from Lizard Lick just in time :slight_smile: Thanks Chad!

Filled the Vmu slot with epoxy putty.

Purchased a rotary tool (Black & Decker) and it has made my life so much easier!

Needed to make holes for Start and Guide.

The Plexi could have been cut better but I did this before I figured out how to get a good cut. I will be ordering another sheet to correct this. That Pink is FIRE!

Got all the holes down properly and my JLF is sitting in there quite nicely.

Found this image through Google images and did some edits of my own. Needed to get a good shade of pink on there and I repositioned Terry & Mary along with the star. Also elongated the image. Looks pretty nice i think.

This is her with everything set in. All that is needed now is to get her wired up.

I am also working on a T5 Hori and will post that up soon as well.

thats cool man…what spray paint did you use?

Rustoleum. Its gloss black for plastic and then a clear coat.

any tips on lining up the button holes you drilled in the plexi with the base? i’m about to do this and i’m worried about having a hole in the plexi that is off enough that a button wont fit. also can you share tips on getting a good cut on the outer edge of the plexi?