Agetec mod questions regarding wiring

im confused on the wiring part of the mod.
i’ve looked at both mod guides and neither one of them really explained how to rewire the buttons and wire the sanwa stick.

-can anyone explain how to wire a sanwa jlf to the pcb? is it possible to use a seimitsu ls 32 5-pin harness instead of a sanwa harness (i only have the seimitsu harness on me right now). and where will the pins on the stick be facing?

-as for the buttons, i understand that i have to cut off the wires from the plastic connectors, but what am i supposed to do with the black wire that comes from the start button and connects to the other 6 buttons?

you don’t really need a harness from the joystick to wire it up. it just makes it easier.

taken from

The far left connector in the first picture is the buttons. From top (brown) to bottom (grey), the wires are:

  1. X (Jab)
  2. Y (Strong)
  3. Z (Fierce)
  4. C (Roundhouse)
  5. B (Forward)
  6. A (Short)
  7. Start
  8. Ground

Left connector on the bottom is the stick connector. From left (black) to right (yellow), the wires are:

  1. Ground
  2. Up (brown)
  3. Right (red)
  4. Down (orange)
  5. Left (yellow)

For the black wire, you daisy chain it across all the buttons then it connects to the gray wire on the harness that the rest of the buttons are connected to.