Agetec mod/hack

agetec mod/hack
hi every one my first post here, ive spent numerous hours on this site, so why not register, well here I am.

one question= I have a nice agetec fight/arcade stick, which I dont use that much anymore, can you point me to a tutorial on how to make it work on the xbox 360, I have some old 360 controllers and play and charge kits laying around. all help is highly welcome

best regards CERBERUS7

I’d sell your agetec stick and use the money to buy a new xbox 360 stick, that would be the cheapest way i think.

hmm I have the stick, the 360 controller, what else is needed I allready have the TE stick the agetec is meant for 2player use.

somebodys gotta know how to make an agetec stick work on 360, seen lots of movies of people with the final result, but no tutorials c’mon kings and queens of stick modding please help, many thanks.


Assuming you are keeping the Agetec Stock.

15 Watt Soldering iron ~ $30
Solder ~ $5
24 gauge stranded wire~ $6
2 Eurostyle terminal strips.
Wire Stripper $10

You will need to add a guide and select button.

Drill. ~$100

1/2 inch forstner bit $8 to install these radio shack buttons. ~$6

Also depends on if you have a Madcatz controller to hack. I’ll just say most other controllers are not so simple to hack.

Just go to and skip to PCB and wiring.

Edit: I just read you are from Denmark. You probably don’t have a Radio Shack. Still will tell you all you need to know.

thanks a million for the answer, thankfully I have a friend who has got alot of the tools needed including soldering iron and so on. Ill be looking in to this with him thanks alot.

Out of all the stick mods,

For some reason the Agetec is particularly satisfying but it’s a lot of work to mod it.

It’s mainly the plastic cutting… especially if you decide to upgrade the buttons and joystick.

thanks for your answer, my plan was to keep buttons stick etc. only to alt. it for 360 use, but seems to be too much for me maby, thinking on keeping it for the dreamcast for the couple of times I get retro nerdy with sfIII.

instead focusing on doing a custom art/paint on my TE stick, and perhaps an SE for 2player use.

thanks for the answers above.

The only tool you really need is a Dremel set. Don’t bother trying to enlarge the holes in the metal plate, it a f’n pain in the azz, just get one of Art’s plexi covers instead, trust me on this one.