Agetec "green goblin" grease or mod for sticky buttons?

does anyone know where i can get some kind of grease for making the agetec buttons stop sticking? or is there a mod like sanding down sharp edges etc? id rather keep it stock, but gotta get it to stop getting stuck.

Sounds like you got some gunk in there.
My suggested fix would be to take the buttons out (follow steps here), then take the plungers (inside bit) out of the cylinder (outside bit).
Remove the black microswitch too.
Give them a good clean in warm soapy water.
Then put back together.

Or you could get new buttons.

i cleaned the buttons already and they still stick. it seems like it only happens if you press a button on the edge rather than dead center, and then it gets sorta wedged in and doesnt pop back up right away. i think some kind of grease would prevent it from getting wedged but i dont hav e a clue where or what to get.

I kinda solved this problem by applying silicon glue (I dunno the exact name in english for this thing) inside the button.


Unless you’re really anal and want to keep the Agetec as a collector’s toy, you’re better off in the long run installing superior buttons. It’s only six pushbuttons – $20-$25 at most – and they make a good stick superior.

It’s not hard to mod the Agetec case and faceplate to fit Seimitsu or Sanwa pushbuttons. The Agetec stock buttons aren’t bad but the Seimitsu and Sanwa pushbuttons are better and are still supported and in-production.

The Agetec’s orginal pushbutton wiring can be reused and adapted very easily with 0.110 Quick Disconnects. You just have to be careful NOT to cut too much of the original wiring away. A good Agetec mod guide (or two) and patience goes a long way towards making a safe, constructive mod. The hardest thing besides filing/Dremeling down the tunnels in the Agetec case is widening the button holes in the metal faceplate (if you choose to keep it).

The holes in the plastic Agetec case itslef. DO NOT need to be widened… It’s just the “tunnel” behind each button hole that has to be cut down so that snap-in button tabs can hold onto the case (or make it much easier to thread the holders onto the screw-in buttons).

The button tunnel hole grinding down was the easy part when I modded my Agetec. The hardest work by far was doing a complete joystick replacement! That took a heck of a lot more prep work.