Ageis reflector is low automatically on wakeup?

Does the reflector hit low on wakeup automatically?

If an opponent on wakeup tries to block a ageis on wakeup will he/her block low automatically?

it can be blocked either way?

what the hell.

I mean if you throw AR at an opponent in wakeup will they automatically block it low even if they hold the standing block direction.

it’s like being hit bye a mid attack it can be blocked low or high and nothing forces you into a position when blocking except denjin which forces you into stun.

perhaps because there are crouching animation frames as characters get up…that it does that

I thought they are forced into “block low” animation if thrown over an opponent in wakeup thats trying to block it.

Think about it. If they are forced to block an Aegis low on wakeup, you can guardbreak them for free everytime with forward fierce.

Obviously this doesn’t happen, so to answer your question, you can block both ways.