After VxG and ReveLAtions, why advertise tourneys thrown by unknown people?

Unless someone in the know has seen a business license or something that can confirm legitimacy, why would you share that info?

After seeing people travel and get burnt by promises of big money payouts, shouldn’t SRK front page be way more suspicious and concerning?

Don’t know if you’re talking about this:

But I guess its a start…

Yeah the Ayd tournament. Jebailey is saying their legit but it looks like VxG again.

His putting his reputation on the line so I hope it works out for him because if it doesn’t. . .oh well lol

I’ve heard Jebailey described as someone who always has an angle when talking business. I wouldn’t be completely surprised if he was doing a little work behind the scenes in some way or another.

His coming out in favor of it speaks volumes to me considering CEO got it’s start by a scam artist coming to Orlando and promising huge payouts then packing up after everyone bought their tickets. CEO was originally, "well, you’re already here, let’s try to salvage this weekend."
Since then he’d been very vocal against ReveLAtions and VXG, so in my mind he knows something I don’t.

A lot of the SRK old guard was against ReveLAtions for various reasons that maybe were less than legitimate. I’m not gonna say there weren’t problems, but that event was doomed regardless of how the actual tournament was.

Specifically with Jebailey, he was pissed that ReveLAtions 2011 was the same weekend as CEO and stole Japanese competition from his event.

For people who are not aware:

Mind you that they are still sponsoring NCR

If you gonna bring up ReveLAtions, you might as well link to the old thread.

Man I forgot how ridiculous this thread was. People acting like John Nelson should be burned at the stake for what is a relatively small number of mistakes, but because bad things happened to well known people everyone saying scorch the fields and salt the earth. People have legitimate reasons to be mad, some people are slapping as many things on John Nelson as they can even if he had nothing to do with it (he was the manager of Team Hori US, but he doesn’t work at Hori, he had nothing to do with Team Hori US disbanding, that was Hori’s decision, not John Nelson’s).

It’s just crazy to me after hearing about Final Round being a trainwreck of a tournament and apparently having a HISTORY of being a trainwreck of a tournament, that Tournament Legacy had one bad tournament and never lived it down and people went so far as to make sure ReveLAtions 2012 was ruined because of it.