After time with Beta 1 & Beta 2. Has you overall impression of the game changed?

I mean this an in were you a believer and Beta 2 turned you off or the other way around. For me, the perfect mix would be somewhere between the two. I really dig the addition in importance to Crush-counters and how they seem to be more useful this time around than they were the last time. I am super glad that almost every characters has the ability to do big damage combos in the game unlike SF4 where some characters had almost no comeback potential. I also am really impressed with how the cross-play went after all. I was expecting some lag storms but honestly, lag wise i didn’t feel any difference between PC users and PS users. I like the interface and the main menu is a definite improvement.

However, I am also quite dissapointed with the lack of damage compared to Beta 1. There is also something that i have noticed with my time with Ken, cr.LPs seems to have a much higher hitbox than before. I had been hit with a cr.LPs by at least Mika and Necalli as i was crossing them up. I am also somewhat let down by the balance of Necalli in this build. We all knew Bison was great in phase 1 but most people would argue over who was the worst. I think it was Nash but his case is no where near as bad as Necalli’s. I am convinced that at this point Capcom has no idea what they want to do with this character or how he is supposed to be played. From changes to control and everything it is clear that this is a poor design as of right now.

I feel like most characters in Phase 2 are almost perfect balance wise. Mika,Vega and Karin are great. Ken is good ( I would just make his V-trigger a 2 bar activation. ) and I am not super informed on Rashid but he seems competent i guess.

One issue that has to be addressed is the stage selection for matches. I am pretty sure that 90% of my matches was on the Forgotten waterfall. I am really sick of seeing it at this point xD.

Overall, i think that i did enjoy Beta 1 a little bit more than Beta 2 but i feel that the addition of how the CC system is now with the damage/stun of phase 1 would be tight.

I still overall like the game as much as I did during beta one. Only thing better about Beta 1 is it had Chun Li and beta 2 doesn’t LOL.

I like the emphasis on mediums and heavies over lights in the neutral game and for combos. That’s definitely part of the reason why it feels everyone does big damage and stun now. It’s definitely going to be like older SF where there aren’t any low damage characters. Still some nitpicky stuff like block stun, pushback, and fireballs that I would like adjusted, but playing and watching the game feels like it has a much better flow to it than SFIV. The matches go by much more nicely and even characters that are known for being “boring” like Bison and Vega feel so much more varied in their combo and pressure options. The pacing of the game is much more like Alpha or 3S.

|They really ruined t he street fighter franchise with this game. They should of just called it something else instead. I’ve never seen a game that provided sucha basic skillset for being able to win. I’ve lost rounds to people who literally could not do a 2hit combo, who jump around and press fierce punch or do full screen moves all day. Then I come back and double perfect them once I realize theyre gonna play like a scrub.

I dont know how to explain it, its just not street fighter anymore. It feels more like Tekken with how scrub friendly the game is and the fact you can be effective by jumping around with fierce punches. Its pretty pathetic when I’d rather play CvS2 for hours than play this game.

Also since they’re catering the game to scrubs, I’m assuming theres going to be a bunch of people saying how great the game is simply because they dont know any better. I’m too lazy to find the clip but infiltration said this about the game as well and after playing it bit more I have to agree with him.

Capcom’s gonna put a shit game out and everyones gonna play it because of the title.

Scratch that. Apparently all Beta 1 characters are coming back pretty soon starting with Nash. Which means I’ll get to play Chun Li. Which means there’s nothing about Beta 1 that’s better other than kara throws for me LOL

Yes …and for the worst the best version of this game ive played is beta 1, they have taken out all of the fun stuff I liked in that version especially for ryu. I’m not hapay with this build it feels off, I also miss the damage of beta 1.

I can only speak from a viewer’s perspective right now but matches were more exciting when they were faster with higher damage. The loss of damage is off-putting to be honest. It really helped further differentiate the SF5 experience from its predecessor.

I really don’t like how much weaker anti-air normals are now, but CCHs are done way better. I think throw range might be slightly bigger as well though.

And of course, I not expect R.Mika to be this much fun

It was crafted from the sky and filled with, it’s a good game with flaws like any other.
FEW of course, like no sim but honestly after getting my hands on that shit, it seems like he just would not benefit.

I actually think he should sit this out unless capcom can actually make his style work, but after gettin my hands on pretty much 60% of the starting roster, it would be much hell for him.
Rashid, newVega,mika, birdman, this karin…it would not be well for sim.

I don’t like it much, the neutral game seems forced and kind of like a counterhit-fest. The game feels like SFxT without the long combos, just high reward for offense with disproportionate reward for good defense.
I feel like the game’s design motto is, “The best defense is a good offense.”

The reward for a good defense is being able to punish shit.
I’ll take that over my opponent being able to do 40% off a random dp fadc into ultra because I gave them another meter bullshit. Any Day.