After new years TOURNAMENT lol

ok i was planning on a tourney last year but various game came out cough* modern warfare2*cough and many other games followed so it wasn’t a good time to make tournaments. but now we are all coming back to the world of street fighter and time to make some use of the tournament style of play here are the rules

1:)it will be out of 3 rounds

2)all players may have a subtittute if don’t feel they can make it

3)please post if you can here if you want in on the tourney oh and post your sub if you have one

4)deadline is 10:00 pm EST january 22 friday( aka next friday)

5)i will send you a friend request if you post here accept before 9:00 pm est january 23 saturday and you will be put in the tournament

6)there will be a losers bracket for those who lost and winner of this bracket will get a shot at the winner of the main tourney

9:00 pm EST january 23 saturday (Aka Next saturday)

1): Technique121
2):Spartan N3me5is
5):lEpik xL
7):xCSLx sanctuary

ps: i will make another tourney if i get more than 8 ppl applying for this tournament and if you don’t feel that this is enough info post up and i wll read

main championship:
losers bracket:

GRAND MASTER Miltarypolicia!!!