After a CH

Hey guys, so most of you know, even if -> cr.hp is a 3 frame gap during blockstring, it’s not always a guaranteed hit as you can miss time it or because of lag online. So i figured the next best thing was -> But I realized there isn’t much to CH except maybe a sweep and a cr.hp…

Am I missing something here or what? What do you guys like to do? Any tips of an alternative?

If you your block is long enough to space you, lp CU. It’s not safe, but the window for punishment is small, and people try many things that whiff because of your spacing. After it, as long as they don’t sweep, you can EX CU. Or if you use U2, you can come out of the lp CU with it and stuff things that would have punished you (like that sweep) but that’s a high risk/high reward maneuver. You can also crack kick (f+RH) over the sweep or there’s always EX Zonk through it, and let’s face it, through almost everything else they can throw at you.

Of course this all depends on the opponent taking the bait on the CU and you having some sort of idea of what they’re going to do after it.

Sorry, I don’t think i was making myself clear. I meant CH as CH: counter-hit. I was talking about Cody’s use of frame traps with his on block which gives you +4 frame advantage, which can set up some very nice frame traps.

your safest option after a blocked close is c.jab. it’s a true block string if timed right. its also good for tick throw purposes. its also good at setting up counter hit scenarios such as CH c.fierce due to its very good recovery.

What’s good at setting up counter hit scenarios? the jab?