AFO 2010 SSFIV & Blaz Blue Tourney

Pools will be Single Elim 2/3 in the Con Gameroom and finals will be in the Gameshow room on the Bigscreen. Tournaments are going to be held on Saturday. AFO Pass for Saturday or a 3 Day pass is required to play in the Game tournaments. Be great to see some of Floridas Top players show for this event! I understand the con admission might seem a bit high just to play in these tournaments, but don’t forget you get Con access to all other events and the Dealer room as well!

These Rules Apply to Super Street Fighter IV and BlazBlue: Continuum Shift!
? Top 8 Players will Move on to the Game Show Theatre Finals Matches
? Semi-Finals and Finals 2/3 Rounds and 2/3 Games, Single Elimination, 99 Seconds
? Players are allowed to Bring in their own controller and/or Fighting Stick for Finals Matches (But Remember, if it?s your Controller, you are responsible if it fails or doesn?t perform, you may only ask for a change between matches NOT DURING!).
? Either Player will be allowed to Request Double Blind Selection and must ask so from an Official
? The Player who won the Previous Game must Keep their Character, opposing Player may switch characters.
Super Street Fighter IV Specific Ruleset
? Double Blind Selection Includes ULTRAS as well
? Winner must keep the same character and can select a new ultra in game 2 or 3, but has to pick the ultra before the opponent picks theirs. This does not apply to blind pick. (Based on EVO 2010 rules.)