AE's neckbreaker safejumps?

okay i had read some safejumps against dp’s after neckbreaker…
but i found that it’s outdated becoz the distance after nectbreaker changed -_-
eg: VS akuma neckbreaker -> -> jump in hp
do u guys got any good safejumps and OS against dp’s character? ( especially akuma becoz he can teleport my kunai,.)

Ibuki PLAYER GUIDE has them.

They’re all ripped from MingoDynasty’s finding here: “Stop Being a Freebuki!” (Advanced Play Thread)

Remember these

^ - and those, lol. Very good Niko, I tried looking for this.

You should be able to reaction neckbreaker to punish Akuma’s teleport. If not then you need to practice it.

^Till he has ultra 2 stocked.If somebody is good at punishing teleports with neckbreaker the akuma player should choose ultra 2 so he can keep them safe.

If he picks ultra 2, I feel the matchup is easier. You can actually use FA as a footsie now, which will greatly deter cr.HK spam from Akuma (his primary way of setting up vortex). You can’t use option select neckbreaker (well you can, but at the risk of a random ultra 2), but if you can make good reads like Latif, then you should be all set.

Actually now that I think about, option select HK command dash might work. I’m not sure if Akuma ultra 2 hitbox hits behind him as well.

You mean command dash on reaction?
Anyway command dash seems to work since akuma’s ultra 2 doesn’t hit behind him.And as you say you can spam more FAs,plus you can reversal ultra 2 a blocked sweep,without worrying that he is buffering ultra 1.So i guess ultra 2 is a bad choice against ibuki…