Aegis Specifics

As an extension to my last thread, I’l like to devote this new thread to ask some indepth questions about the Aegis Shield and its many many uses–the most notorious of which is the dreaded unblockable.

So here goes, experts hook me up with some knowledge: :pray:

  1. First, is Urien able to do all of his unblockables in the 3S on SF Annivesary on the PS2? If not, which work?

Assuming yes to all… :confused:

  1. Regarding the basic midscreen unblockable (c.hp, wk tackle xx fp aegis, fk tackle, fk kneedrop, dashx2, guard break), can anyone explain the timing to this? Even if it seems like I’m able to dash twice to nail them with a in time, they are still able to block.

Which setups work on whom as far as character specifics/weight goes?

  1. Regarding the basic corner unblockable (4-hit juggle sequence, mk tackle xx wp aegis, walk back, whiff fk tackle, fk kneedrop guardbreak)…

Which setups work on whom as far as character specifics/weight goes?

  1. What are your personal Aegis tricks outside of unblockables? Here are a few of mine:
  • mp or fp aegis after any connected or blocked tackle to add damage to a combo or keep pressure going/corner opponent
  • EX aegis after any blocked tackle (opponent will instinctively block low) to f.fp overhead them (RX style!)
  • On botched corner unblockable attempts, cancel into wp aegis on any connected tackle, opponent gets hit, j.hp them back into the corner, and lay on pressure mixups while the mirror is there

So yeah, I need that unblockable setups info hehe…I can do the corner unblockable pretty much 90% on shotos now, but everyone else needs work (aka Chun-Li’s weird ass physics :confused: )

i feel like a douche for playing street fighter games for years and not knowing what the xx in the combos up there means. so someone fill me in?

Volrath2242: xx means to cancel into

6pt7: Regarding your basic unblockable midscreen, theres nothing to, just dash as quick as possible after the kneedrop.

Also regarding your personal aegis tricks, what do you mean by tackle xx mp or fk aegis will add damage? I dont think it does. However you can try dashing after doing a blocked tackle xx mp aegis and then neutral grab (some characters will be pushed back too close to the aegis to do this). If no bar after the first blocked aegis, then just do low fierce after they bounce of aegis from neutral grab and then headbutt, if bar, then EX headbutt.

Here is a good unblackable setup (I still need to test it on some chars), low fierce, ex headbutt, walk forward slightly, low fierce, xx (after first hit) into lp aegis or mp depending on opponent char (opponent will then reset), dash under opponent to switch side, unblockable.

heh, its a shame when the only arcade of 3s around where I live has the new arcade version of 3s where there is no unblockables, it limits urien from so many cool set ups. :tdown:

xx = cancelling/supercancelling

6pt7 - watch this vid
for the midscreen unblockable

the link says 530 incorrect login for me

RaJu> By mp/hp aegis after a tackle, what I mean is that it doesn’t necessarilly combo but more like pushes them into a defensive position. Plus, if it’s in the corner it can add up to some valuable chip damage towards the end of the match.

And still been practicing those unblockables, but I’m still a bit unsure about some things. Is something buggy with PS2 Anniversary training mode? It seems that even if I start the corner unblockable and simply stop after the whiffed tackle pushing them into the aegis, they get hit anyway with autoguard on when they get up.

Someone post up those character specifics…especially against the shotos, twins, and Chun-li!

in a slew of Urien vids done by RX (i’m assuming), one of the few that’s against Chun is probably my fave. dunno what number, but it’s a chalk white Urien doing the beatdown :lol:.

c. short xx PP Aegis -> s. jab, s. strong xx Vicious Headbutt (whiffs) -> c. fierce -> short Chariot Rush -> jab Sphere -> short Chariot Rush -> jab Sphere xx jab Aegis -> s. fierce (knockdown) -> short Chariot Rush (pushes Chun in) -> Kneedrop -> c. fierce -> short Chariot Rush -> jab Sphere -> short Chariot Rush -> jab Sphere xx jab Aegis -> Kneedrop (knockdown) -> short Chariot Rush (pushes Chun in) -> Kneedrop -> c. fierce -> short Chariot Rush -> jab Sphere -> s. fierce -> GGPO :lol:.

ok. i’m only a casual Urien user, so i’m not entirely sure about say, which button to use for what special. i’m quite certain about the Chariot Rushes and the spheres though. just not totally sure about the Kneedrop. i’m guessing it’s roundhouse. but yeah. that’s a super fun sequence to watch.


Alright, well after some loving time with training mode I’ve found that the typical corner unblockable works for shotos while everyone else has to use the kneedrop variation. What is it?

(near corner) c.hp, EX tackle, mk tackle xx wp aegis (charge during super freeze), hk kneedrop (time it so that kneedrop on the way down pushes falling opponent to mirror), mk/hk kneedrop guardbreak

This method uses a kneedrop to push the opponent to the mirror instead of the tackle. Some complications? I don’t know this pertains to the arcade or not (having tested this on PS2 SFAC), but some problems arise on some characters and some situations. Sometimes, the 6 hit juggle rule is broken and the opponent bounces twice off the aegis, messing up your timing. Also, if you hit them with the kneedrop too early you might actually hit them with a 7th juggle hit–however, these complications are dependent on how early or late you cancel the mk tackle into aegis, so these problems can be bypassed with practice.

I have not done excessive testing yet, but kneedrop variation works on twins and Chun-li. If you factor that into the shotos and the traditional hk tackle method, you’re pretty much set as far as top tier opponents go.

The only thing left to explore is midscreen unblockables and their variations on characters…anyone with input on this?

tackle method is quite easy on Chun Li (she’s the character with the slowest rise from the ground speed)

For some reason, if I do the tackle version she always comes up short of the Aegis…might be my timing.

Anyone with those midscreens yet? :confused:

What is the most damaging combo to pull during the unblockable if you are not in the corner?

I also want to know what does the reflector actually can reflect, besides fireballs, and EX fireballs (including Remy). I know it can reflect the super fireball of Akuma but not Ryu. Anything else?

standard midscreen unblockable again if you have bar :karate:

man, i’m havin’ trouble with the… lol ASIAN REFLECTOR. my little brother thought that’s what he said lol anyway…

i practiced a combo with it (everyone told me to switch from saII to saIII)

and i came up with this:

(opponent corner) cFP lkCR xx saIII (the dude will bounce and you gotta time this part right) lkKD (then the dude will get hit by your knees in the air and ricochet off the aznflector)…

i tried dashing to push the dude into the flector but he still blocks
then i tried dashing and trying to pull off a mkKD on his face but it’s too hard (the timing’s too tight)

(in class) i just thought of buffering a mkCR to push the guy into the flector and buffering a mkKD during the mkCR so when the guy gets up… he’ll get hit in the face with my knees…

but i’m not sure if it’ll work and i’m wondering if anyone could help me come up with something to finish this? i’m really bad at using saIII and it seems that if i don’t use it, it’s not going to unleash urien’s full potent? i’m freaking frustrated herrre… =\

ok, so i finally unleashed the asian reflector unblockable (or i think it’s unblockable)

cFP lkCR xx saIII lkKD/mkKD (if he bounces off the flector, dash x2) dash UOH/lkKD or whatever you want from there

correct me if there’s anything wrong here, but it worked for me 3 times out of i don’t know how many times i’ve tried it in a real battle with my friends

*edit: sorry, 6pt7! i didn’t read all of the forum until i posted this up just now… my combo’s exactly like yours, just a little bit easier? never knew.