Aegis escape?

The other day I played with Urien and knocked Yang down in the corner. I threw a jab (not 3p) Aegis just over him, but Yang escaped it with a qcf+kick roll as he woke up, hitting Urien.

Can Yang do this tactic consistently? Or maybe I just timed/placed my Aegis wrong?

If he always does it, just block and hit him…that’s a lot of free damage for you.

In addition to his rolling cannon spike type move, Yang has a pseudo teleport. He can use this to get out of an Aegis trap. The aegis is hard to get on guys like Yang and Akuma.

not sure if that’ll work. Akuma, yes. but with Yang, his teleport is vulnerable on start up–so if Aegis is already out, if Yang ports, he’ll probably get smacked right back.