AE Rose changes: How will they affect you?

First of all, I don’t want to have a bunch of people crying about nerfs to rose. I’m curious to see how you all will change your styles to meet these nerfs, IF we even see a console release of Arcade Edition in the first place, as it has not been directly confirmed by Capcom. (No, i’m sorry pictures don’t confirm anything for me and the recent trailer was directed for Arcades, not consoles. lol)

Anyway, the only change to Rose that i’m really worried about is her not being combo’able even off of counter hit. Thats one of my main tools when I need to pressure certain characters that like to grapple a lot, and I think it really helps me keep the upper hand against Abel in particular. I also throw a lot of sparks, both to annoy my opponent and build meter. Spark not building as much meter doesn’t directly change this, but I think it will limit how often I land AA Soul throws when I need to or EX Drills when my combos are a little too far away to combo with normal lk drill.

What say you?

wait isn’t comboale off counter hit anymore? where’s this bit?

It’s not going to change anything for me. I’ll still play Rose the same I played her in vanilla and super. Her overall game hasn’t changed outside of no more braindead U2 defensive setups.

Apparently, my friend was “just trolling me” with that information. Lol. Nevermind it.

I think it will really affect my wake-up game, and encourage me to use U2 more sparingly. Usually, I pretty much use it on wake-up whenever I get the opportunity, and I know that it isn’t essentially the best idea. It’ll force me to work on blocking more, and to react to opponent pressure accordingly.

Not gonna lie right now. You scared the green SHIT out of me with that. Please slap your friend for me. >_>

Probably gonna scroll between U1 and U2 more often. Gonna have to get the combo-with-3-bars-into-U1 deal down to muscle memory. Otherwise, not much change in my game. Just gonna play her like I did in Vanilla.

Yeah, I got hella scared with that cs. mk change.

but they said none of her normals changed.

I’ll play her the same. I can use U1 in most of my match ups anyway.

However, I don’t use U2 all that much for wake up, but that was when they were fearful of it.

idk. lol.

I usually use it as Wake-up Oki, because they back off of you anyway. lol.

The changes wont change anything in my play, i’ll just play with a SF4 Rose with some combos. lol.

I will combo into U2 or use it for corner pressure or to shove someone into the corner during a fireball war. Its no big deal.

Definitely gonna learn meter management and work on my mid-range game

My play won’t change much because I actually block on wakeup lol. If anything, I’ll use U1 for a couple more matchups than I did in Super.

I just hope U2 can still be used as preemptive AA because I have quite a few people in my area who use Neutral Jumps in pressure strings

if the only change was loss of invinicibility then no ones game should change much. no one should be using it on wake up like that anyways as it doesnt leave you at a great position except those few lucky times you get a soul throw off of it. you could net more damage with it if youre patient.

ahahaha same here

Honestly, I’m just thankful we have it better than some of the other characters.

Once I can nail into my mind that U2 is not a get out of jail free card, it’ll be fine.
I mean, playing Rose in SSF4, we already know how it can be used offensively and the mindgames we can use when our bodies are surrounded by balls. Wait…

But I mean, it’s still a great ultra and I feel that I’ll personally be using U2 a lot still. I’m not good with punishing with ultras… not sure what it is. I think that the pressure gets to me that I’m burning a whole ultra and end up timing counters incorrectly.

We shall learn, and we shall adapt. :wink:

I mainly use U2 on knockdown and or after a slide, so it won’t bother me much.

Learn to block lol.

I think I’ll stop using U2 in match ups where Rose gets rushed down heavily and instead use U1 in that one. And use U2 where Rose can apply more pressure, so against more defensive characters. Other than that I don’t think my play will change that much.

Pretty much gunna start playing even more cautious and learn the secrets of Ultra 1 since I picked up Rose in super.

L-Control really showed me how effective Rose’s U1 is, especially in the mirror match. I definitely plan to use it more in AE.

I’ve tried to play my Rose in super with more U1 to practice more. I’m glad Rose didn’t get it bad in AE, I know some people will drop her cuz of U2 but really to me she is still really good. I’ve mained Rose since vanilla no sense of me dropping her now