AE PC Issue/Bug *Help*

Hey guys. I just recently get a copy of AE for the PC, but unfortunately I haven’t been able for play online due to the fact the when I’m doing so my screen will randomly go black, I know the game didn’t crash because I can still here the match in the background but sometimes when I does go black it it’ll fix itself and come back on mid match. I have not idea what the problem is I do experience issues like this in any of the other games I play on PC to top it off I don’t even experience the black screen issue when I’m playing in versus mode. Only when I decided to venture on do I encounter this problem. I wondering am I the only one having this problem or does someone out there have a solution for me.

have you tried updating your video drivers? what type of PC setup do you have?

Yes I have and it still is doing it. My laptop specs are 8700m gt, 4gb of ram, and a q6600 processor

Hmmm. Interesting. Is the mobile version of the 8700 supported by the game?

I think I may have solved the problem. Although I haven’t tested this yet I believe that the problem was. In my bios I had it set to not wake up on keyboard device and I’m assuming the game for some reason is masking my keyboard inputs and allowing my computer to go to turn of the backlight to save power while I’m playing. I not sure if this is the problem but I sure hope it is.

Nope that did nothing and I’m sure my card is supported. Before I actually bought the game I had pirated to see how it would run on my computer.

sometimes laptop **variants aren’t supported and it’s “at your own risk”. but if you tried it before(in this case the “other” copy worked) all i can say is that there could be some sort of error(mastering or otherwise) that could have produced the error you’re getting. **