AE Ibuki Patch Changes/V Trigger 2 (Notes are available in Japanese)

Just a general thread to discuss her changes when they come about. V Trigger 2 looks interesting as a trigger that gives her something that affects the mid/far range better. Wonder if the first trigger will get inevitably nerfed.

She was a character that was already not bad in Season 1 IMO that got stuffed with buffs going into Season 2 and even I’ll admit she’s a bit overboard within the game now. Hopefully they continue the Season 2.5 style balancing where she just gets adjusted and not destroyed.

overhead no longer combo,s or guy couldnt do it
slide looks safer?
vt1>vt2 for now so vt1 might be nerfed

not really much i could see tbh

The guys playing on that stream were casuals so can’t really go by what you saw until we get notes or someone that’s tournament worthy displays her.

I’m also figuring VT1 will get nerfed so that VT2 is worth using

yeah i think so too.
well more info this week can,t wait

2nd V Trigger description

(Fuma Shuriken/2 bar trigger) - Ibuki will throw a giant shuriken at the opponent, which comes back after going off-screen.

Press HP + HK for Fuma Shuriken - Haku, which is for use against grounded opponents, and press back plus HP + HK for Fuma Shuriken - Kokufu, which is angled upwards for anti-air usage.

Due to the length at which the shuriken is on screen, it serves to limit the opponent’s movements. Ibuki can continue to combo the opponent after hit, and if it’s blocked she can use her Airborne Kunai and Kasumigake to confuse the opponent’s attempts to block.*

dont see whyi would use this unless vt1 is nerfed

Pretty much. I would probably just use it vs Gief or someone that has trouble dealing with stuff from a range.

Looking rougher than I thought

yeah neefed hard.
time for honest buki

Yeah supposedly some nerfs to and fhk as well. See if we can get more info on that.

Nice thing is at least with all of these nerfs her overhead should still be safe on block lol

She sounds boring as hell now. I want to say maybe they gave her something fun to compensate, but seeing how they handled last year’s balance that’s doubtful

Yeah so far it seems like shades of Season 1 to 2 where they take off your top tier badge and demote you.

Some of the characters that have gotten very obvious nerfs to things (like Gief) have gotten some buffs or things in their new trigger to compensate.

It sounds like with her V Trigger one that you’re basically going to be using it for hit confirms if you can’t juggle shit after the bomb. Hopefully there’s something else to this shit and the EX kunai stuff. He said mid screen target combo so not sure if it still works in corner or what. Hopefully it’s not a situation where Capcom can’t figure out how to buff gimped lower tier characters, so they just have to bring her down to their shit.

I’m mostly fine if the Kunai mix-ups are gone, but the Bomb mix-ups being gone is a bit too much.

not all bomb mixups are i think just the j normal ones.
think you will use ex kunai from now on

@ditn Here’s the notes I got so far

Down to 925 health

s.LP or c.LP (not sure which one, likely c.LP) down to plus 2 on hit, and only plus 1 on block. Can’t rapid fire anymore.

Looks like c.MK is now plus 3 on hit and only minus 2 on block. Can likely land s.LP at close range on regular hit. On counter hit you’ll be able to combo s.LK and s.MP. This is a big buff and makes her low game a lot scarier because now you can viably scare people with a low button to get them off stand block and if you counter poke them you get a combo.

General VTC nerf for all characters. Now normal/special cancel into VTC scales as 2 hits instead of one. Long story short comboing into VTC will scale your combo harder than before. Makes sense to mitigate fish for hit confirms into win the match.

• Ibuki’s Stamina has been reduced to 925 from 950. -> nerf

Standing Light Punch
• Is now +2 frames on hit instead of +3 frames. -> nerf
• Is now +1 frame on block instead of +2 frames. -> nerf
• Can no longer be chain canceled. -> nerf
• Adjusted the move’s collision box during movement. ->?

Standing Light Kick
• Adjusted the move’s collision box during movement. ->?

Standing Heavy Punch
• Adjusted the move’s collision box during movement. ->?

Standing Heavy Kick
• Is now +3 frames on hit instead of +1 frame. ->buff useless or not?

Crouching Light Punch
• Hurtbox has been changed. ->?

Crouching Medium Punch
• Now has 16 frames of recovery instead of 12 frames. ->nerf
• Hurtbox has been changed. ->nerf

Crouching Medium Kick
• Is now +3 frames on hit instead of 0 frames. ->good buff
• Is now -2 frames on block instead of -3 frames. ->good buff

Crouching Heavy Punch
• Hurtbox has been changed. ->?

Jumping Medium Punch
• Combo restrictions have been changed. ->? juggle if so good

Jumping Heavy Punch
• Hurtbox has been changed. ->?

Jumping Heavy Kick
• Hurtbox has been changed. ->?

• Hitbox has been changed. ->?
• Hurtbox has been changed. ->? better aa?
• The second hit of this move is no longer special cancelable. ->nerf

• The distance opponents are sent after being hit by this has been changed. ->nerf

• Is now +2 frames on hit instead of 0 frames. ->buff good?

EX Kunai
• 4 frames of recovery have been added to this move. ->nerf
• Opponents are now sent flying further away from the explosion part of this attack. ->nerf

Tenrai (V-Skill)
• V-Gauge gained from landing this move has been reduced. ->nerf

Rokushaku Horokudama (V-Trigger)
• Stun has been decreased to 80 from 100.->nerf
• Combo properties after landing this have been changed. ->nerf
• Meter gain from landing this has been increased. ->buff?

Kunai Ikkinage
• Can now be canceled into Special Moves. ->buff

This is my take on Ibuki’s changes (even though they may not be final).

Stamina down to 925 - I’ll live with that. I already thought she was potentially cheap in Season 1 when she had 900. Right now at 950 she basically has better set play than characters like Karin who only has 900 and buttons that convert more easily than Juri’s who also has 950. Right now she’s a super saiyan offensive character that can outwalk most of the cast, make them whiff shit and counter poke and has more health and stun than Cammy and it’s kinda stupid (within this game). Even as an Ibuki player I’ll admit that. 925 makes it so she still has a little room to get her 3 bar VT1 in in pixel situations but isn’t completely outdoing characters like Juri and Chun in momentum and conversions who have the same health.

Standing LP - I’ll live with this. Plus 2 on hit nerf hurts a bit, but not a ton. Can’t do counter hit s.LP, s.MP anymore, but counter hit s.LP, s.LK is decent alternative. Not the end of the world.

**Standing LK - I imagine hurt box is getting expanded. Expected since it’s a very good whiff punish tool and can buffer punish stuff from good distance. I’ll live.
Standing HP
- Likely some type of hit box adjustment. Hopefully it makes the hit box stick out a little more so it can actually beat stuff. I hate how it’s basically only good as a slow, preemptive whiff punisher ATM. The button has no real use other than VTC combos.

Standing Heavy Kick - Plus 3 on regular hit. Basically means if you land this on regular hit you get to frame trap the opponent with another button like c.MP. Basically makes it slightly better in neutral and will allow you to combo into s.LP if you somehow land it on non counter hit at close range. Mike and Zio gotta hold this s.HK derp.

**Crouching LP - hurt box changed. Whatever. Only use to start combos or frame trap any way.
Crouching Medium Punch
- 4 more frames of recovery and hurt box change. Basically just have to be less of a dummy when using this. That makes it the same recovery as her s.HK which apparently is too fast LOL. This is mainly a counter poke, whiff punish button so you should either be using it reactively to whiff punish or use it at a range where it will make contact. Basically use footsies and you’ll be alright.

Crouching Medium Kick** - BIG buff. Like SFIV her c.MK is now a viable low attack now. Right now there there isn’t much reason to use it other than to tap people a bit for walking too long. Only real other use it has is to give you a good low to VTC off of. Now it’s a good low in general. Her c.MK is basically the same range as her sweep which is her only other ranged low. Basically you get a way to check people’s lows while getting a much longer range move that you can fish for counter hits with and get combos off of. Counter hit c.MK, s.LK, raida sounds so good. Improves the range she can be effective from which is sorely needed as she otherwise has to walk a lot to actually scare people with her buttons.

Crouching Heavy Punch **- Hurtbox changed. Who knows what this means, but I can’t imagine it’ll make it too much worse. It’s a pretty decent AA that can be command dash canceled off of for mix up and frame traps.

Jumping Medium Punch - Combo restriction change. Guess it won’t juggle after certain resets anymore. Not sure here.

Jumping Heavy Punch - Hurtbox changed. Whatever. Never use this in neutral any way.

Jumping Heavy Kick - Hurt box changed. Ok yeah.
Agemen (b+MP)** - Have to see how the hit box changes play out. I’m trained to only cancel the first hit any way since that mainly gave you the best use out of it in SF3 and IV. Nothing new there. I think they just don’t want you getting lazy 2nd hit b+MP’s and then still command dashing for a mix up/frame trap.

Tobikura (j.LP, f+MK air target) - expected change. They don’t want you getting standing reset 50/50’s all day. The reset 50/50’s don’t work on big characters any way so they already prepare you for AE. Just fight against a lot of Rogs and Alex players to prepare. With that said, you can still get the 50/50’s on everyone if you launch people near the corner. She just can’t get corner worthy mix ups midscreen anymore which is fair.
Shakunage (c.MP, f+HK target)** - Not bad to allow frame traps if you land this close enough, but from the range you’ll usually land this from, probably not a big deal.

EX kunai - Expected nerfs. Ground EX kunai right now is plus 18 on block. There are probably very few to no other things that are plus 18 on block in the game. This knocks it down to a paltry plus 14 on block. I already got walk up setups for this that let you use better buttons than just jab or s.MP after a dash any way.

V Skill meter gain on hit slightly reduced. Makes sense. She has one of the best V Skills in the game easily and they want to reduce V Trigger unga so yeah. Cool.
V Trigger nerfs expected.** It’s a pretty dumb V Trigger in comparison to other characters. General damage nerf on VTC that everyone has now. Meter gain buff…um yeah sure I’ll take it.

Kunai Ikkinage (grounded P kunai release) - Apparently can now be canceled into specials. I guess this will make converting after it hits. Considering this is SF I imagine this only works on contact and not on whiff. I’ll take it.

Overall basically nerfing derp, buffing a good bit of her fundamentals. She already has some of the better AA in the game (and I still mainly AA with s.HK which is her most damaging one on CC and didn’t get touched). All VTC’s got nerfed so on same level there. Gives room to play around with her VT2.

everyone ran away :smiley:

That’s cool. True Kunoichi reps here.

HK= +3 , it opens combo and mixup opportunity after (Lp TC / MK / c.HP / HK / kunai ) trigger1 cancel, all bigger than 9. I dont know will it be usefull though, sounds interesting with delayed bombs.

(c.MP , f+HK) , Easy buffer or confirm,can be useful with +2.

Air kunai+Ex not touched,still left,right mixup on block. +14 is huge anyway,they remove autoplot +2 facetoface but you can still walk not a big deal.

b+MP, one of the biggest nerf i think.No more teleport cancel resets .

c.MK , it combos only really close to LK now,it whiffes from mid or far so it can be useful anyway for dp+HK and CA comfirm.

Basically they nerfed her like season 1 Mika,take away the mid screen op offence,but will be dangerous in the corner still.

Air target combo still resets after ex kunai and dash you are still face to face like big chars but now ex kunai takes opponent further away , so better corner carry.

Kunai release , if cancalable like trigger on whiff too. It will be great ,you can throw and teleport on the wakeups for crossover mixup even in midscreen, exchange of all kunais. We can say fair,like lauras fireball , overhead crossover mixup but for a big cost. But in the same time you can abuse it for throw,load loop from a distance but still not be op.

And not mentioned in the notes but after lp raida , dash , c.LK no more combo into LK in psx build, so there is some advantages change too.