AE Frame data.

Is there any frame data out currently for Cammy in AE? If so could anyone be so kinda as to direct me to it please?

Oic thank you. For some reason i only saw the SSF4 Super hyper guide. Did not know there was a AE one out atm. Appreciated.

That framedata has a few mistakes relating to Spiral Arrow mostly, also some damage numbers. Link in my sig has correct framedata for AE Cammy plus a bunch of extra notes on changes, specials, knockdown advantage etc etc:

Ty ty.

cammy sucks in ae

thank you for contributing nothing troll

good insult

are you stupid…she’s the most buffed character in AE

Makoto: M tier (SSF4) -> A tier (AE)
Cammy: S tier (SSF4) -> ? tier (AE)

? = A/B/C depending on japanland’s current state of mind

I feel maybe cammy at A tier. I see quite a bit of her here in Japan online.

Cammy is easily A tier, but that’s a separate thread, which I’ll make now.