AE Balance Patch Wishlist

I think this is a good topic to start right now.

  • SA back how it was in super. SA sucks ass right now
  • better throw range
  • SBF act like vega claw roll or rufus messiah kick multiple hit sbf

We really don’t need another one

^2nd that post.

I don’t think Cammy will be touched and I hope that is the case.
I’m happy where she sits in balance terms currently and best case scenario is not having to (un)learn anything.

I don’t think expecting large mechanical overhauls is being realistic at all, wishlist or not.

buff the ass
that is all

SA is great right now. Between medium, HK and ex arrow you have so many different set ups. I would hate for it to get simplified. Might even be the straw that breaks the camels back for me in changing chars full time.

Please crusade for something that will aid or band aid her spacing or footsies. Last thing she needs is work on her combo finisher. She already hits like a truck and has great wake up attack tools.

i dont think any one asked for it to be simplified i think they are requesting the window for 2 hits of spiral arrow to be a tad longer is all

Yeah. Just revert it back to how Super was for the Drill. A completely unnecessary nerf. And then give her a Normal Throw range. That’s all I really want!!!

  • James

I say simplified because I like the variation in the arrows wake up situations. Using the same knockdown all the time for arrows makes her easier to understand and game plan against. Right now her wake up game is beastly once you get it down. You should be able to get hit confirmed 2 hit arrows off all combos you do now.

Now increased throw range, that’s something I could get behind. I want a good spinning back fist though :slight_smile:

hk arrow hitbox to remain the same. im against going back to Super. i like this one better. its automatic charge kill in the corner. and more inescapable mixups against alot of characters.

i just want:

  • damage buff. spike plz. arrow. plz.
  • 1 good far poke. fix my far mk OR far hk OR crouch mk faster 1F
  • lower strike restriction 1 line.

thats it. not asking for much. throw range buff is also welcomed. nerf everyone else. lolololol


They’re not nerfing this patch, out of the 13 characters only Viper got nerfed. It looks like they want to get Ken + Sagat at the top. I think they’ll nerf anyone they think is stronger (Twins, Fei, Viper) and than buff to varying levels the rest of the cast.

some characters got useless buffs so far. like chuns down+forward stomps and improved target combo on COUNTERHIT. lolol.

i want nerfs on seth, gen, yun, yang, makoto and fei long. :smiley: lol hate! lol

im SOO happy for the damage nerfs on viper. evil bitch deserved it. as expected.

only kens damage buff on ex srk 10dmg points. useless. i dont know what crapcom are thinking they are encouraging noob tactics. like who uses ken target combo anyway.! wtf. :oops:

just give me my damage buffs on arrow plz.!!! and lower strike and better poke. i will be happy.

No one, which is why it’s getting buffed. If it hits crouching characters and you have all day to hit confirm the last part of it than expect to see it get used. Not to 3rd Strike levels but a heck of a lot more than now.

Cammy is fine as she is now but a normal throw range would be at the top of my list.

^ best buffs list so far. Cammy deals horrible damage for the amount of risk she puts herself in to deal that damage (getting to point blank range isn’t cheap).

I would add to that list:

  • pushback on hit/block reduced to level
  • Damage & stun reverted on close/far fierce. 65 damage for a risky, non invincible AA is a joke no matter which way you look at it. 80-85 dmg / 150 stun on Cammy’s best punish move is sad.
  • Damage increase to 80 on regular Cannon Strike (assuming no height reduction). If you actually hit someone with normal CS, you damn well deserve to do at least a jump medium’s worth of damage.

Like everyone else, i highly agree on the increased throw range and make sbf a bit more useful. Bringing back the 2-hit range on hk arrow for me is more than enough however keep the AE arrow mixup tactics. :slight_smile:

I agree w/ making her fierce pokes a bit less risky as well.

My wishful buff which won’t ever happen lol: bring back the vanilla cannon spike damage. Lmao!

i don’t know why people think AE’s HK SA is better than super’s HK SA. or maybe they just like the nerf version better? i’m not sure.

It’s not better overall. It might provide a different and easier set of mixups than the old hk arrow, but once your opponent becomes familiar with these, it’s not any more or any less effective than the old hk arrow setups, unblockables aside.

The big deal with losing SF4/SSF4 hk arrow is that Cammy lost an entire range that she was threatening at. In previous games you were willing to poke with xx hk arrow, hitconfirm into FADC dash forward for mixup on block, or free oki on hit. This meant that even at sweep range, Cammy could shift the momentum of the entire match potentially for zero meter. Of course it helped that she also had TKCS to use at that same sweep range.

As it is now, Cammy lost both of those tools and is not a threat at all anywhere outside of cr.lp range, which is a huge nerf to her game plan overall. The larger your effective range is, the more scary your offensive can be. AE Cammy’s effective range is very small (cr.lp range or closer), and worse yet it is the hardest range to achieve out of all possible ranges.

HK SA is back

this is a buff to all her combos damage wise.

the good:

  • damage buff to all our combos and bnbs. lol crouch lp crouch hp crouch mk hk sa x2 ftw
  • noob combos will be legit now crouch lk crouch lp crouch mp hk sa x2. wtf on everyone
  • stop crying you got your fadc options back.

the bad:

  • loss of unblockables
  • loss of crossup strike and ex strike after AE hk sa knockdown x2

the ugly:

  • no corner mixup and charge kill in the corner.
  • followed by jump back ex strike force whiff all reversals send them back to the corner OS ultra ftw.
  • no buff to spike im so salty.
  • no good far normal im so salty.

i hate this game. -10dmg points nerf on fei long is not enough. not enough at all.

Loss of unblockables…how? Cammy can still do her unblockable vs Fei and Yun since AE SA hits twice in that position anyway, right? What other unblockables were there from 1-hit HK SA, aside from backthrows?

I’m glad that her old SA’s back, I got what I wanted lol.